10 expert tips to buy at the grocery store

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Optimizing your food budget does not mean increasing your waistline. Here are 10 easy ways to save money on food while serving delicious and balanced meals.

1. Go shopping alone

Bringing the kids to the supermarket will inevitably add items on the bill that you would not have bought if you were alone.

Leave children at home as much as possible – supermarkets open 24 hours a day make things easier for many families.

2. Shop online

If you can not motivate yourself to go shopping at night, do them online.

You will follow your list closely and may save on shipping costs.

3. Use the coupons

Remember to use the many coupons sent by supermarkets to attract new customers.

4. Fill your freezer

Once a month, fill up in a frozen food store, good value for money.

The same items are often cheaper than in a store and you will only have to shop fresh products that week.

5. Support your local market

Save on fresh fruits and vegetables by buying them at a local market.

Eggs can be half as much as in a supermarket.

6. Buy in bulk, take small portions

Agribusiness companies like to offer small portions – and for children – tiny portions. Do not be fooled by the nice packaging: you pay more.

Always buy the largest package of raisins, crackers, biscuits, etc., and then transfer the contents to plastic boxes or small bags to carry if necessary.

7. Do you care about the size of foods too?

There are ways to feed your children with foods that fit their size while maintaining reasonable prices. Here are some examples :

Cut cheese is less expensive than sliced cheese, and your kids will be able to enjoy it more if you cut it into sticks or cubes.

Dwarf carrots – they are less expensive in large quantities – they are more friendly than large carrots. Otherwise, you can cut large carrots into sticks yourself.

Another fun and the free trick are to cut sandwich bread with cookie cutters or to roll a narrow strip of bread to make a roll.

8. Double the recipes

Make things easier by anticipating. Whenever possible, cook twice as much and freeze half for later use.

After staying late in the office, you’ll be happy to find a nice home-made meal to warm up in the microwave.

9. Cook yourself

Take inspiration from your grandmothers’ cookbooks and indulge in a day of pastry.

Cookies, cupcakes, muffins, and cakes are quick and easy to make and cost nothing compared to prices in stores.

Involve children to develop their good eating habits.

10. Feed the children outdoors

The best way to save money by having lunch outside is to pack your lunch, but you can also go to a bakery or supermarket and find tasty rolls and fresh produce at a scoop.

You’ll give your kids healthy food and save on lunch at a restaurant.

With these few tips, you can save on food while keeping the whole family happy and well nourished.

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