10 Great and Cheap Ideas to Better Organize Your Kitchen

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Tired of seeing the bazaar in your kitchen? It’s true that it’s not easy to keep your kitchen well organized … Fortunately, there are tips for having an organized and tidy kitchen. We have selected for you 10 great tips and cheap that you will love. Look :

10. Add a spice rack on the side

If you like to cook, you know that any recipe needs spices. But it’s not always easy to keep all its spices tidy. Use a spice rack on wheels like this to hide behind the fridge. To discover: Do you miss a spice for a recipe? Here’s What to Replace.

9. Use clipboards

When you have more places in your closets, why not hang them on a bar to save space? No need to spend a fortune! Just use a metal bar with hooks and notepads to hang your products.

8. Use plastic bins

The plastic bins are perfect for storing your cupboards. You can easily find it here for a few euros. Use them for example to store your tupperwares. Add a label to be even more organized!

7. Use closet doors

If your kitchen is small, use all available spaces including doors! Get a magazine rack like this and hang it on the door to store your rolls of kitchen paper.

6. Add a small shelf above your sink 

I do not know about you but for me there is nothing worse than doing the dishes! To make the dishes a little more enjoyable, add a nice shelf above your sink like this . That way you can put away your sponge and dishwashing liquid, and even add something nice like a plant.

5. Use glass jars

You can use glass jars to store your various kitchen utensils. You can buy cheap ones and paint them or recycle jars of gherkins for example. To discover: The New Tip To Open A Jar Easily.

4. Use a drip tray to store your dishes

Instead of putting your different dishes on top of each other, this trick will allow you to have them tidy. And above all, each dish will be easily accessible! No need to search for them.

3. Use a multi-stage turntable

A great tip for storing your fruits and herbs is to use a multi-stage turntable. It saves space and it is very nice on a work plan. You can try to do it yourself or buy one like this one made of steel.

2. Organize your pantry with baskets

When we see the food in front of us, there is more chance that we want to eat them. Store all your vegetables in metal baskets so they are visible and easily accessible. You can even add labels to store easily after shopping.

1. Use the outside of your fridge

Do you have a lot of spices at home? Why not use the outside of the fridge to store them and have them at hand? For this, use magnetic spice boxes like these to stick on the refrigerator doors.

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