10 Must Read Tips To Buying Used Smartphones Online

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It makes you want to change your smartphone but the purchase of a new model is too expensive … With the innumerable releases of phones in recent years, has developed a  mobile opportunity market. You can make a good deal by finding a smartphone dating from last year, in good condition and not too expensive, but there are some precautions to take before launching! For once, avoid compulsive shopping!

Make your choice

First, you need to determine which smartphone you want to buy! Are you oriented to a particular brand? A precise OS? Be sure to sort through the desired criteria  (screen size, OS, year of release, features/connectivity, etc.). In short, once your interest on a phone, go to conquer the business of the century!

You can browse ads sites  (the right corner, eBay, etc.) or specialized sites/forums. Beware of too attractive prices that often hide (bad) surprises. Google allows you to get an idea of the price by cross-checking all the information about the various sales sites.

Do not be fooled

Well, once you have found an interesting and, that the price seems correct, be sure not to be fooled by doing a  few small checks. It goes without saying that you must never pay a deposit or pay in advance! And avoid purchases abroad (do not make a transfer or money order), especially when the seller tells wacky stories because it often feels the scam! On the other hand, it is interesting to know why the person resells it; often it will be to purchase a newer model????

The idea is to be able to test the smartphone with your own eyes before the transaction (and take the time to write a sales certificate signed by both parties). And if the seller is at the other end of France, you can opt for a payment by PayPal which offers guarantees in case of dispute for example. But let’s get down to business.

Here are some tips before buying a used smartphone:


Remember to ask if the smartphone is still under warranty and if the seller still has his bill (he will give you of course!). If this is not the case, it’s up to you to judge based on the age of the smartphone, but maybe a bargain. And if the box is included, take a look at the  IMEI number written on a label and on the phone by dialing * # 06 #, it must be identical otherwise it is not the smartphone corresponding to the box. This is not necessarily serious but can prove the good faith (or not) of the seller.


Then check that the smartphone is not blocked by being, for example, declared as stolen or lost, and blocked remotely (blocked iCloud for iPhones), rendering it unusable. Also, make sure that he is not blocked, operator. In this case, do not panic, just contact the former operator to make the request, a formality in sum (but important to know the operator of the previous owner!).


Look closely at the screen and the overall appearance of the phone. See if there are any scratches, cracks or edges that are not scratched (can cause a twisted chassis and suppose a bad treatment of its owner!).


See if the phone turns on correctly. Whether it’s just unlocking the screen or turning it off / on completely (On / Off). This allows you to test the different buttons at the same time.


Once switched on, make sure that the touch of the smartphone responds perfectly, without slowness. Also make sure that the display is clear, clean, without dead pixels and without traces or lines of suspicious colors.


If you can open the shell to take a look at the battery, do it. See if it is not swollen or damaged. Also, check the charging connector as otherwise, you will not be able to charge your phone! It would be best to be able to plug it in to make sure it is charging properly.


If the seller agrees, try making a call to see if the smartphone captures the network perfectly. It’s also an opportunity to test the microphone and the speaker. You can also test them via the dictaphone application.


Take your headphones to make sure the jack works. This is an opportunity to test the volume management by raising or lowering the sound as you wish.


If there is no hotspot around you, you can share the connection of your (former ^^) smartphone to verify that it connects without any problem and launch a web page.


Take a few photos/videos to make sure the app works without any worries. And look at their quality too, to see colors, focus, responsiveness, etc. Remember to control the rear camera but also the front camera!

If you control all these points, you should not have any bad surprises! You can also see how to access the hidden menu of most models in this article, to test almost all functions. You are now spoiled for choice, it’s up to you!

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