10 tips for a better stay at the hotel

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Find the hotel that’s right for you and take it easy! As long as you follow these 13 easy tips that will allow you to have the best stay in the hotel.

Being nice to the hotel staff is paying off!

Politeness has only advantages. Room allocation – including those upgraded – is often handled by front desk clerks. If you remember your kindness, you could be given a spacious suite during your next stay at the hotel.

Ask (politely) little extra …

“Anyone who asks gets,” says Hilary Lewis, Room Manager at the Arts Hotel in Calgary. Most hoteliers will be happy to provide additional equipment (DVD player, microwave oven, or even a refrigerator) at no additional charge provided they have them on site.

Stay true to your hotel chain

Fidelity is appreciated. Try to visit the same hotel chain. Regulars can access a preferential status that brings them benefits – gifts, special benefits, access to the “backstage of the hotel”, and other privileges such as free breakfasts, 5 to 7, or a faster check in the arrival.

Stay on your guard with the comforters of the hotel

In some hotels, bedspreads are not washed or changed between two guests. If this makes you uncomfortable, put the one in your room in one corner, wash your hands, then ask for another.

Wash your hands after using the hotel’s remote control

The most disgusting object is probably on the bedside table. In 2012, researchers from Guelph University, Ontario, took samples from the rooms of 54 hotels across Canada. As a result, there were more bacteria on remote controls than other studies found on public toilet surfaces.

If in doubt, consult the hotel concierge

Trust the concierge employees, they know everything. “These highly skilled professionals are the eyes and ears of the community,” says Jennifer Fox, President of Fairmont.

Make special requests in advance

Do not wait to be at the reception of the hotel. If you have any particular preferences or requests for your stay, such as a hypoallergenic room, ask in advance. “The sooner the better,” says Lewis. But even if you call the morning of your arrival, we will have time to satisfy you. “

Be wary of booking sites

Another tip to have the best stay possible at the hotel: the intermediaries – Expedia, Hotwire or Priceline – allow to obtain very good prices, without more. Thus, you will probably have a bad room on the lower floors and no view.

Find the best deals … at the last minute!

Here’s another one of our travel tips: Sometimes we do better deals by booking at the last minute. You can also call the reception directly. When the hotel is not full, there are often discounts. Your stay at the hotel will be better!

Tip: be generous!

The tips express your gratitude and will assure you a good service during the next stay. Specialists recommend giving $ 5 per suitcase to a hunter, $ 2 to $ 5 to a valet, and $ 2 to $ 5 a day to the maid. And to the concierge staff, for exceptional service, give $ 10 or $ 20.

Enjoy advantageous packages

Excellent discounts remain at the discretion of hoteliers. Some hotels offer a discount or give benefits to customers who leave a positive comment on Tripadvisor, or who answer the satisfaction questionnaires. You can also subscribe to the list of customers to relaunch. In return, they receive e-mails with advantageous packages or promotions.

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