10 tips for a successful family trip

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Traveling with your kids is a fabulous experience, rewarding as ever. Travel is a way to strengthen family ties while exploring the world. Whether you are going to abroad, be sure that these trips will leave an unforgettable memory for your children! But this can quickly turn into a nightmare without a minimum of preparation.

We’ve put together the best tips for a successful family trip, so take notes, the holidays are coming!

Choose a destination that suits everyone

Of course, there are hotels or campsites with kids clubs, but you are not forced to opt for this solution. Choose a destination according to the activities it offers, the ideal is that young and old can find their account.

You are rather a culture and like visiting museums? No problem, your children can quite accompany you, just be sure to punctuate these outings with something more kid-friendly, like a walk in a park where there are games for children for example.

Do not carry more things than you can wear

Before the birth, you swear by your super backpack of 60 L in which you made everything come back. Yes, but now, since the birth of Junior, it’s quite the opposite: you’re afraid you’re missing something, so you carry … everything. Just think that all it will take to the airport, then to reach your accommodation and that in addition, you will certainly have to wear your toddler tired by theft (and jet lag). So, lighten the suitcase!

Book an umbrella bed at the hotel, and think that it is sometimes possible to rent baby equipment at your destination. And if there is not, well, there is not! Learn how to do without, you will be surprised how all this material for baby is finally … hum, useless?

But carry a stroller!

A stroller or baby carrier if your little one can always be worn as well. Yes, even if it has been a long time since he refused to sit in it, you will see that a buggy can save your life during your vacation.

There is indeed a good chance that you will walk a lot, a lot more than usual. Junior may be quickly tired, especially if he has not yet digested the time difference. Nothing is more painful than to continue the visit with a child who cries or is tired … A stroller, quickly!

Prepare your flight

It’s your first family flight? First point: make sure everyone has their passport or valid ID, essential for travel. Yes, even for your little 3 months! Then, anticipate as much as you can during the flight: hunger, thirst, boredom, peeing, pains … Once the security check is over, buy bottled water. Take snacks, compotes, and yogurt to drink. If you are traveling with a baby, you will be allowed to carry food to be consumed during the flight (potty, mashed potatoes).

For older children, it is sometimes possible to book a special child menu, ask your company. Put in your cabin baggage a complete change of clothes, as well as wipes, small toys, and books. Distribute these gradually, as you feel boredom! Finally, a tablet in which you have downloaded some apps for children will be your best friend …

Make longer stops

Without children, you used to look for the shortest stopovers, to reach your destination faster. But a child, that changes the deal. A trip of 15 or 20 hours in a row is tiring, certainly. So, travel more slowly and enjoy a stopover to discover a new country.

Change your habits: take a taxi

We know, there is nothing better than public transport when traveling solo, just to dive into the heart of local life. Yes, but again, it’s not always compatible with Junior’s mood (which, let’s remember, is in full jet lag), not to mention the huge suitcases you took away (you did not follow point # 2!).

In short, everyone is tired and looking for their destination in such a context can quickly become a torture. Take a taxi! OK, it’s a budget spree, but it can save the morale of the troops. And that is priceless.

Choose the location of your homes

In the past, you were looking for the cheapest hotel or hostel to keep costs down, even if it forced you to cross the city to get there. On a family trip, it’s pretty practical. Better to stay in the center of the city, or near the sites of interest, to limit the routes. Traveling with a baby? Think that you will probably have to arrange nap times, as well choose a nice accommodation since you will spend time there.

Is it better to rent an apartment, or to take a room in a hotel? Each has its advantages and disadvantages! In an apartment, you can cook, and in a hotel, you can not cook (= vacation !!!). It all depends on the length of your stay.

And do not change too often

Of course, it is always possible to travel in a traveling way when you are with your family. Just think that it requires a little more organization, that it can be a little tiring and that it may be worth staying in one place and gravitating around. Especially if you leave less than ten days.

Respect the schedules of the little ones (but not too much)

The little ones will need to rest, especially after a trip by plane. Real emotional sponges, they cash all the changes made around them, and it exhausts them. And then, at home, we take a nap in the afternoon! Do not try to break the rhythm, give them the rest time they need.

Take the time to relax, after all, it’s the holidays! But nothing prevents you to arrange differently these rest periods, depending on the planned activities. It’s all about dosing.

Lighten the schedule

During a family trip, we must accept that we can not all do not all see a destination. No more obstacle course, an endless list of activities or ministerial planning. Remember that everyone is on vacation and that holidays are done above all to rest, relax and have a good time with the family. Running right on the left will eventually annoy everyone, and no one will benefit. So, select the activities, and if your children are old enough to choose, let them tell you what they would like to do!

And our 11th advice could be this one: ENJOY! Quite simply…

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