10 tips to thwart scams at the supermarket

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Promotions may be attractive, be careful not to fall into the panel. Some rules may allow you to have the right reflexes when you do your shopping.

1 – Beware of promotions

“1 bought = 1 free”, “-25%” or “Shock prices” are often displayed on supermarket posters or in catalogs. These promotions attract consumers, who sometimes forget to compare offers to see if they are really interesting. Do not hesitate, therefore, to check the price per kilo, or to take a look at the same products sold in other signs.

2 – Check the deadlines for consumption

You just bought eggs, yogurt or milk at a low price? Have you thought about checking the deadlines for consumption? Unless you are sure to consume these products in the next few days, buying them could lead to waste.

3 – Take a look at the receipt

It is not done systematically and yet, it often happens that a product is counted twice, or that an “immediate reduction in cash”, is not taken into account during your passage. Feel free to let them know to correctly apply the offers and reduce your bill.

4 – Study the refund offers

ODRs are numerous in stores. For the purchase of a product, a part can be refunded. But before being credited to your bank account, you must pay the full amount and especially send many documents before a certain date. You must take into account these elements before succumbing to the offer of the moment.

5 – Attention to valid offers on a future purchase

Some promotions are only valid from a certain amount, for a later purchase. So, the supermarket requires you to spend a week later to enjoy a good discount. But if you did not have to shop on that day, you might spend more than you need.

6 – XL formats not so economical?

Large families buy in quantity, and prices are often more interesting. But not always, because it can happen that the purchase of two packages of cereals is cheaper than a larger package. Once again, comparing the price per kilo will allow you to choose the most economical product.

7 – Do not be tempted by the labels

Manufacturers are vying with imagination to attract their customers, even creating attractive packaging with flashy colors or claims that do not always match the container. “Recipe light”, “no added sugar”, etc. are not always the best products for your health. They are sometimes even more expensive.

8 – Do not choose the first product

Think about comparing the prices of the foods you want to buy. And remember that the products highlighted are often the ones that the sign puts on for you to buy. Feel free to search, and look at other items, surely more economical.

9 – Stick to your shopping list

The route taken to buy some products for the house and some fruits and vegetables requires you to go through the sweets or appetizers section? Not to mention the products on sale that often make children want to eat, or adults to crack … In short, buy only what you need.

10 – Choose a smaller shopping cart

When we shop at the supermarket, we tend to fill his shopping cart, even if we have what we need at home. And when you see the size of the caddies, as much to choose a smaller size.

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