10 Tips & Tricks For Choosing An Effective Domain Name

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The domain name you want to choose for your website is a bit like a logo or the name of your business, it commits you for many years. By improving over time, it can become even more critical to change than many other aspects of communication. It is, therefore, a question of taking time for reflection, especially since there are thousands of possibilities. Here are ten tips we give you to choose:

1. If possible, choose your company name

This seems obvious, but for reasons of natural referencing or off-site communication, you can choose another name. Thus, if the title of the company or company comes in many words (it is good to think the short message in communication), we will tend to choose something more simple. A short domain name is a guarantee of simplifying the exploitation of its brand. Short is, for example, three syllables. If you choose the name of your company, think about pronunciation, is it audible and understandable? Do some tests with your surroundings. Well, if you have the opportunity today to buy Nike.fun for the modest sum of € 656.99, this is, however, a logical disk, you can imagine.

2. With or without dashes

Well, several words in a domain name is a little better with dashes from an SEO point of view. But it slaps less when you realize that you have to spell it; So, two solutions: or you forget the dashes (and frankly, it’s not very dramatic, or you take the dashes for your site and communicate elsewhere on the without dashes that you redirect).

Let’s take this opportunity to remember that special characters do not work: numbers, letters and “dash of 6” only. Possible to put accents but avoid even if it is possible and not penalizing from the point of view of SEO. You will have problems displaying in the browser bars among other surprises.

3. Put the keyword in his domain name

Yes. But that’s not everything, especially not. There is, of course, a filter called EMD that Google has put in place to theoretically sanction the “Exact Match Domain”. Understand domain names that include the keywords of your activity. In practice, we realize that their use is easier if the name of the company is the same.

Now, think short, add a keyword behind your brand for example, this is perhaps the last thing to look at the plan of natural referencing and hopes that you rely on the purchase of your domain in that Sens.There is not only SEO, there are also the emails that you will associate, communication in other media, etc. Choose the logic but also the originality and authenticity of your brand. Leave the keywords elsewhere (besides, think query rather than keyword ). If you find one in your research, exploit it differently if necessary.

4. Take over an expired domain, a reflex

Yes. A domain name that has lived, sometimes it is. For example, it is possible to search for dead links on influential sites. It can also be bought sometimes much more expensive. An analysis of what points to it with a tool like Majestic SEO is needed and if you see trust and especially topical trust flow consistent with your business, this can be a real weight to put in the balance. Enjoy from the beginning a little popularity! From our point of view, this is studying. No rush, especially if you find a pearl that seems rare to you, ask yourself why you find it.

5. Choose an extension with a reflection on your market

The extension is .com. fr, .net, .paris or any other first and second level domain. For more information, see our article defining the domain name. If you are considering a multilingual evolution of the site, it is always interesting to use the national extensions but basically, a generic (.net, .com, .org) whatever it is going very well and it does not have any impact in SEO. Just, will you have a precision requested in Google Search Console? However, are you a frontier with India???? or do you want to target the flat country market? If you are targeting a Belgian market, consider exploiting the .be in addition to a .fr; the latter two facilitate understanding of the market you are targeting, a user sees these things.

In the same way, you can be sure that you have to pay attention to the meaning and meaning of the words you could use abroad.

6. The figures, blah blah

If we say “eight”, how do you write it? “Eight” or “8”? A test is necessary for oral. Like the dashes, we have a small problem with the numbers. Being creative can have boring, long-term circumstances such as “it’s written like that”. : This avoids puns, even if it seems funny. It takes the visual impact, notoriety especially.

7. See social networks absolutely!

Today, addresses are also multiplying in social platforms. It would be a shame to take a name and have a brand that uses the same terms in a Facebook page. It is not insurmountable but it is always a small disappointment. P for Twitter and Linkedin. In addition, strolling in a given time will give you ideas.

8. If you know where to host your site, buy in the same place

It is possible to buy domain names at any price. It is also possible to exploit them everywhere. For the few cents/euro difference between registrars, simplify the associations if you take shared hosting. In fact, you often get additional discounts by buying both at the same time. Simply choose serious hosts. The rest is waste of time.

9. Consider buying additional extensions

Let’s summarize: if you have notoriety, you may be jealous, or even be the object of usurpation of small malignant. This is where you will have your names with and without dashes but also with other extensions. As there are many, choose the best known ( registrars often offer packs ). For brand names, as seen above, the choices are dwindling because of the need to protect them.

10. Drop expensive extensions, often a bad reason

With the new extensions, the “TLD”, besides the fact to have seen fake sites blooming phishing, or hacking in all kinds, we saw especially bloom prices sometimes exorbitant. Know that there is no impact other than commercial to benefit from .paris (and this is discussed). In this example, there is no local SEO bonus.

Because a domain name acquired is both a promise, a challenge (recover in time a domain name that expires …), we see everything and anything in terms of price. No bonus to SEO off point 4 and under conditions!

Conclusion on how to choose a domain name

Take the time to choose, evoke it with as many people as possible (but mostly relatives), remember that you are committed to the long term. Of course, it is always possible to change, but it can be expensive. Be as simple as possible and think of the slamming side of the pronunciation, take the time needed. Inventing is possible, look in the digital Twitter (invention) Slack (it slams but in the suggest ????)!

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