10 Valuable Tips for the Right Purchase

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In order to prevent food from being unnecessarily thrown away, it is advisable to plan well before you buy it. Many foods spoil because many mistakes are made when shopping. Therefore, there are ten tips to save food when shopping in front of the barrel.

Supermarkets today are designed to encourage consumers to load as much as they need, whether they need it or not. This seduction tactic begins with the fruit and vegetable department or the always fragrant bread counter at the entrance to the supermarkets. They whet the appetite for the (still) fresh goods. The result is that not only do you have to carry the contents of your full shopping cart into your home in heavy bags, but some of it may also be returned to the street in garbage bags. That’s why we’ve put together ten valuable shopping tips that will help you avoid garbage, help stop waste, and save you money:

Do not go shopping with hunger

The most famous rule: never go shopping hungry! Because when the stomach growls, the brain is already out, and it lands much more in the shopping cart than you actually need.

Write a shopping list

Who knows exactly what he wants, does not buy so many things that he does not need anyway.

Know what’s in the closet

Regularly provide an overview of their own inventories. Whoever knows what is in stock, does not buy unnecessarily twice.

Do not buy bulk packs

Even if you presumably save money when you buy small or large packs, most of them often end up in the trash. That would be the saving then passé.

Buy fresh produce

Always pay attention to freshness. When looking at fruits and vegetables, make sure that there are no molds or bruises.

Only buy products when you know when you need them

Always buy in a timely manner. Pay special attention to when it is needed for cooking, especially with fresh and perishable goods.

Keep your eyes open when buying meat

The meat should be firm when shopping and not wet. The smell must be neutral, not unpleasant. Likewise, it must not have a greasy surface or bruises and the color must be right (beef: dark red, pork: pink, lamb: light red to the red, game: dark red to dark brown).

Fish: Fresh on the table

Fish must also be firm, return to its original shape after pressure and must not smell unpleasant. In a whole animal, the scales and the eyes should shine and not appear dried out.

Pay attention to the best before date

Often one finds the same food with different shelf life data on the supermarket shelf. Here it is necessary to buy the product with the latest date. Further down the shelf are usually these newer products that last longer.

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