13 ideas for a practical gift!

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There are people for whom the choice of a gift is particularly difficult. Sometimes because you do not know them well, sometimes for a limited budget, but the worst is if they just do not need much. Such people often value the practicality of objects over design or the price of a product. Today, we’ll give you some practical gifts ideas that will appeal to everyone.

Voucher/gift card – do not you have time to look for the perfect gift for an hour? You do not know what the recipient will be happy about, and you do not want to throw money away? A quick and undemanding gift is a gift card for the selected store – the majority of them have one. You choose the amount to be topped up, put in an elegant envelope and ready. The person you give it will be able to choose something that she likes the most.

Kitchen gadget – personalized chopping board, a set of elegant glasses, original cup for your favorite tea … the possibilities are now countless, and kitchen gadgets, especially functional ones, will be appreciated by every practical person.

A hat + scarf set – can there be something more useful in the winter than a warm hat and a scarf? We know from experience that practical people usually settle for what they have. Here, therefore, there is a room for maneuver for you. Warm headwear in a set with a scarf will be a great gift for both women and men. Note, the elegant set will buy 15% cheaper with the discount code!

Home garden – we reserve that this gift will appeal to people who like to cook and play at home gardeners. Or those that have such aspirations Pots for herbs will not only be practical but also decorate the interior of the kitchen. Grab the discount code at -12% and save!

Blanket – another must-have of winter. Woolen, warm blanket for long evenings with a good film of a cup of hot cocoa is the peak of winter relaxation for many people. A good quality blanket will serve for many years, and additionally thrown on the couch gives the apartment a cozy character.

The book – practical people do not always like in novels. Therefore, instead of fiction, we suggest presenting a book with puzzles, a guide or a book about your loved one’s passion.

Socks – this practical gift does not have to be boring and disappointing. Gone is the time of gray-buried socks. Today they charm with colors and patterns. See these – are not they beautiful?

Coffee/alcohol – aromatic high-quality coffee, a unique blend from the other side of the world, freshly burnt or even flavored … coffee accompanies us every day, it is associated with relaxation, good taste and socializing. It will be a good idea for a gift. The alternative may be a good drink, depending on what the person you want to give more likes.

Clothes shaver – a gadget useful in every apartment. This electric baby will help you easily get rid of the pilling from your favorite sweater, the warmest coat, but also trousers or even tights. It does not take up much space, it costs about PLN 20, but it helps keep the wardrobe in check and style.

Bedding – you can find hundreds of designs and colors in stores. Choose high-quality cotton or satin bedding for even better rest of your loved ones, now by 25% with a rebate code.

Knife – a decent, sharp knife can completely change the cooking process. Facilitate the cutting and preparation of dishes from the usual sandwich, to the complicated sushi. Buy a branded knife at 10% cheaper with the discount code.

Headphones – a gadget for mobile people and audiophiles.

Powerbank – belongs to the basic necessities of busy people who use a smartphone (hmm, is it for 90% of us?). It will be a great gift for a teenager, businessman or blogger.

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