15 tips for better shopping

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Shopping at the supermarket is often the chore of the week! So why not simplify your life? To eat and consume better, to save money or to be more efficient … Check out these 15 tips for better shopping!

So that shopping is no longer a chore, there are some simple tips to simplify your life. This requires a little organization before going to the supermarket and a bit of methodology once there, but these tips will help you consume better, save some money and avoid a lot of stress. Here are 15 tips for better shopping!

1. Do not have an empty stomach

Shopping when you’re hungry is a big mistake. We tend to buy what we want on the moment, and so a little everything and anything …

2. Watch the specialsCut out the offers in the flyers, find the immediate discounts on the products … There are no small savings!

3. Be wary of the promo

Sometimes promotions are not that interesting … Attention 8 bought, 1 offered to win 3 cents!

4. Have a list

Having a shopping list helps you to get what you need. Your line and your purse will tell you thank you!

5. Look in his cupboards

Before going to the supermarket, take stock of what you have in your closets.

6. Be equipped

A basket, a reusable bag … Do not forget to plan your shopping. This will save you from buying an umpteenth bag at the checkout.

7. Track the shelves

In order! This will save you coming and going for nothing.

8. Establish menus

To be sure to buy just what you need, dial the menus of the week in advance.

9. Thinking about delivery

Many supermarkets offer home delivery of a certain amount. Think about it when you check out! You go shopping and leave empty-handed.

10. Watch the prices per kilo

…or liter. Depending on the capacity, one more expensive product than another can be more advantageous!

11. Limit prepared dishes

Which are often more expensive and less good.

12. Look down

To see the cheapest products that are often stored at the bottom of the shelves.

13. Shopping alone

Or rather without your children as far as possible! , who generally claim

14. Opt for online shopping

To simplify your life, why not go for online shopping? This may be a solution from time to time, think about it!

15. Being Loyal

Some loyalty cards can be very beneficial. By accumulating points, you get discounts, so be faithful!

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