4 Ways to Celebrate International Friendship Day

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Friendship Day takes place every year on the first Sunday of August and is dedicated to honoring those people in your life who have always taken you away. Whether you have been friends since you fought over whose turn it was to use the shovel in the sandbox or that they are a newly found partner in crime, we all have friends that we can not live without. Sometimes life can be hectic and we forget to show these special people the appreciation they deserve.

That is what Friendship Day is for, to make sure that there is one day a year that you can celebrate your friends and tell them how much they mean to you. There are many ways in which you can show your friends how you feel, from a small conversation to a huge gesture. To help you on your way, we’ve found a few simple ways to get you inspired and show you that you care about International Friendship Day 2018.


In a world where much of our interaction with our favorite people takes place online, it may be months ago that you last spoke to a friend who does not live in your neighborhood. Friendship Day is one of those times when sending a quick text will not speed it up, so pick up the phone and call your friends. It feels great to hear their voices and nothing makes your weekend better than hearing unexpectedly from someone you care about.


Find a nice card, a funny postcard or grab a post-it from their kitchen table and write your friend a note to let him know that you care about him. It can contain everything from a cheeky shared note to an in-depth explanation of how much you love them, anyway, it will surely bring a smile (and maybe a few happy tears!) To their faces. If writing a note seems a bit old-fashioned, why not leave a comment on their social media page? You can give a thank you for all the things they do for you or even a link to a video of your favorite song.


Spending time together is one of the best ways to show that you care, so planning a relaxing day is definitely a hit. Rent a few of your favorite movies, grab a big bag of those treats that you love and relax on the sofa with a blanket and a scented candle. You can even make a spa from their living room, with a foot bath, face masks and a glass of prosecco or two!


International Friendship Day has been going since 1935 and one of the enduring traditions is to exchange gifts with your friends. Small thoughtful gifts often have more impact than a big gift, so why not think about how you can remind them of your special band? Maybe you could take a picture of the two of you, to make them a playlist of your favorite songs, or to give them a rose-flavored room diffuser – yellow roses mean friendship in the language of flowers. It does not have to be big to celebrate your friendship and to show how much you care about you.

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