5 tips to find the best online shopping discounts using coupon codes

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I must admit that I am not much of a couponer. In fact, the only time I’ll put a coupon back in a brick and mortar store is if it’s important, like $ 20 on a $ 40 purchase. But other than that, I’m not interested in taking the time to cut coupons. Although I do not blame those who do, the idea of ​​cutting, organizing and shopping with an envelope filled with coupons intimidates me completely.

Shopping with online coupons is a different story, however. Online coupons are easy to find, very easy to use, and you do not get the bad eye of a cashier when you try to use one. It’s perfect for someone like me who does a lot of online shopping. In fact, it’s pretty rare that I buy anything online without first finding a coupon.

Shopping with coupon codes

Although promo codes can save you money, you need to be smart about how you use them. Before entering this code and plugging it into the online checkout, make sure it is a code that is really worth using. In some cases, spending more to save a few dollars is not a great investment.

Here are five more tips to use when shopping online with promo codes:

1. Get the terms

Some promo codes can make you lose a few dollars, but only if you spend a certain amount. When that happens, it’s worth doing the math. Compare how much you will spend without the discount code compared to the final price you will spend with the coupon code. If you spend more with the code because of limitations and restrictions, it’s probably not worth it.

Make sure you know exactly what you are spending to make the right decision. Sometimes you can justify spending more because you will score more things – but that’s a dubious point if it’s not in your budget or is something you would not have bought otherwise.

2. Compare Offers

Every time you search for coupon codes, you’ll find that many sites, such as OffersCouponsDeals, offer a few different options for coupon codes. However, the biggest reduction percentage is not automatically the best bet. Sometimes taking a free shipping code beats 15% off your purchase, depending on how much you spend. Calculate the different options until you find the one that gives you the best discount for the items currently in your virtual cart – this way you will always have the best deal.

3. Check the locations

Some promo codes are strictly for online use. But other codes also work in stores as a printable coupon, or even on your smartphone screen. If you find a good deal with a promo code, see where it applies. If you can get the transaction in store, you will save on shipping costs while getting the discount for the lowest possible price. If you can not tell if a promo code is online only, quickly call your nearest store and ask. Sometimes it’s up to the manager to decide if you can use a web code in the store.

4. Check Stacking

The vast majority of coupon codes can only be used one at a time, to prevent customers from abusing the offer. But some promotional codes do not work with gift cards, so you could end up in a pickle when paying if you use one. If the site you buy has only one zone to enter promotional codes and gift cards, you need to determine which one will offer you the most important discount. Of course, a ton of stores allow you to use your gift card with a coupon code, which is one of the best ways to get what you need for cheap.

5. Share the Agreement

When you get a good rating using a promo code, check the terms to see if the code can be used more than once. If so, offer the promo code to your friends or family by posting the code on your blog, online forums, or even Facebook. Since all promo codes are not winners, it’s good to pass on a code that is really worth it for a customer.

Last word

Looking for a promo code should be a constant step in online shopping. Why pay more than necessary? But as there are a ton of different offers available, it’s important to do your homework and choose the offer that gives you the best discount, without encouraging you to spend more. It’s like doing a quick treasure hunt before spending – how much could you save?

Have you had a lot of luck with coupon codes?

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