5 Tips to Reduce Your Grocery Bill

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Week after week, it’s the same story: you put your feet in the grocery store to come out with … an exorbitant bill! Here are our tips for saving more than profit.

Race for discounts! Even if it requires time, this trick is always effective to save money: we take the time to peel the flyers and we visit several grocery stores in order to pull out of the game. Some banners even promise to equalize the prices of competitors: a good way to make most of our purchases (and our finds at a low price) in one place!

Fidelity pays off!

Doing most of your groceries in one place often saves money. For example, some loyalty programs can earn points that qualify for discounts or free items. It can also be interesting to be part of a co-op, since a percentage of the annual profits are given to members in the form of rebates. As for stores “club”, they allow to buy wholesale, which is advantageous … if we are able to limit its purchases to its real needs!

Profitable comparison

Canned, bagged, boxed, in the individual bag, the same food can be sold in various forms and at different prices. For example, dry lentils are much cheaper than those sold in boxes: the purchase price is low and the bag provides enough lentils to prepare several meals. Even if you are used to buying a food in a particular form, do not hesitate to compare prices to make winning choices!

Compare unit cost

Are you hesitating between the loaf of bread at $ 2.50 and the other at $ 1.75? Even if, from the outset, the choice seems obvious, check the unit cost of the product, indicated in small print on the labels attached to the shelves. It may be that the price per ounce (or the unit in some cases) is more profitable for the most expensive product of the two.


One way to save even when there is no discount? Focus on seasonal produce and fresh produce. These are often less expensive than processed products (especially those packaged individually). Also prefer home brands: their packaging is sometimes less attractive, but in the end, the taste is much the same, while the price is more affordable!

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