7 tips to boost your creativity in less than 10 minutes

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Regardless of your profession, you must, sooner or later, face the lack of inspiration. Know that there are very simple ways to boost your creativity in less than 10 minutes!

1. Move around!

When you lack inspiration, continuing to persist on the blank page will not help you. Give yourself a break for a walk in the offices or, even better, to go out to get some fresh air. Take the opportunity to think of something other than the article you need to write or the event you need to organize. This will change your ideas and you will come back to your office ready to finish your task. The other option, if your job allows it, is to work outside the office. Sit in a café or rent a desk for a few hours on Bird Office for example. Change of environment will do you the greatest good!

2. Focus your mind on another task

The work is not moving forward and you do not see how to fix it? Well, as paradoxical as it may seem, let it run for a short while. Leave this task aside and make a drawing or imagine and write a short theater scene. You will see that this kind of exercise greatly stimulates that same creativity that one strives to look for where it is not found.

3. Close your eyes for a few minutes

If your company allows it, take a nap of 5 to 10 minutes in the office. You will find that it is often enough to reinvigorate your mind and get back to work with all the positive energy you needed.

4. Music: the best friend of creativity

Put on your headphones and start your favorite music – you’ll see how it can help you when you’re sorely lacking inspiration. As you listen to your music, try not to think about the work, especially the thing you’re stumbling over. Try not to think of anything at all, empty like a yogi. Let yourself be worn by the music. At the end of the song, get back to work and see how your creativity is boosted!

5. Do some physical activity

Sometimes the best way to disconnect your mind is to exercise. So why not do some push-ups and/or abs, if that’s possible in your professional setting, or a little jogging if you work at home? This will help you take a step back from your work, and taking a step back is gaining momentum!

6. What about reading?

Reading can also help you when you lack inspiration. Take some newspapers with you, or a novel, and let the beauty of Molière’s language, among other things, endow you with the inspiration you miss.

7. Chat with a friend/colleague

Like reading, a friendly discussion can help you find your creativity. So call a friend or talk to one of your colleagues at the coffee machine. You will come back full of energy and ready to finish what you had to do.

The white page syndrome is often caused by a psychological blockage that only worsens if you strive to confront it frontally. All these methods to boost one’s creativity have one thing in common: to distract the mind to better refocus on the problematic. Other things can work, like watching TV, etc. However, be aware that sometimes, creativity temporarily sulks us and that no matter what we do, it obstinately refuses to manifest itself. In these cases, it’s better to simply accept the reality and move on until it comes back. This does not mean giving up your work, but simply leaving it in “stand-by”.

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