7 Tips to buy more at the supermarket and spend less

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Are you one of these people who enter the supermarket and leave with the credit card in negative numbers? Do you go crazy and buy everything that lies ahead? Can’t you resist offers? If you spend more and more in the supermarket, it is time that you start to control your purchase a bit. Today we want to leave you with 7 tips to buy more at the supermarket and spend less. With these tricks, you will discover that you can fill your pantry saving much more than you do.

Tips to save at the supermarket

1. Always plan your meals 

Going to the supermarket and buying without a ton or are all that we find, it can become our ruin. 

Try to plan in advance what your meals will be during the following days or weeks.  This will let you know what foods you have to buy to prepare them and you will not buy products that you do not need. 

Always leave home with the shopping list in hand and make sure you buy only what you need for your weekly planning. 

2. Remove the products from the list you don’t need

Yes, we know that you have added some extra packages of cookies because, who knows, maybe you feel like a crazy binge. Stop 

Check well if all you have on the list is what you need to spend the week.  Are you going to be able to eat all these vegetables or are they going to get bad? Are you going to expire the fish? 

Try to buy the right amount so you don’t have to throw away anything you buy.  Throwing food is very bad, and throwing money too!

3. Eat before you go shopping

We have always been told  not to go to the supermarket hungry , because our inner monster comes out and wants to devour everything around us. 

This is as real as life itself (is life real?), And it  is clear that going shopping with hunger is not, at all, a good decision. 

Try to always eat before you go for your purchase, and you will see how temptations are fewer temptations. 

4. Do not take a shopping cart

If you do not plan to buy large quantities of food or heavy drinks,  forget about the shopping cart and take a bag or hand bag. 

Why? Seeing the empty shopping cart will unconsciously buy more to fill it.  On the other hand, if you take a smaller container, you will see it fill up immediately and you will have the feeling of having bought more. 

If you put your purchase in a handbag, you will notice the weight of each product and you will surely select only the essential ones. Going a little loaded will not make you want to walk through the corridors and you will go to the boxes before. 

5. Don’t marry any brand

Even if you are a fan of a specific product,  always try to try white brands . If you really want to save, give yourself the opportunity to experiment a bit and you will discover that most white brands are as good as the best known brands. 

You can also  try to change brand and buy one that is a little cheaper,  you will see that the taste surprises you and you discover your new favorite product!

6. Review the different shelf levels

Did you know that normally the products located at the level of your eyes are more expensive than the products located at the lower level of the shelf?

Take the test and, before buying, be sure to check all the pricing options. It is possible that the supermarket marketing strategy is leading you to buy the most expensive products.   

7. Always look at the expiration date

Checking the expiration date of the products is essential  to buy head and save money. 

Try to buy products that you are really going to consume  within the date indicated on the package. For example, if you live alone and drink a yogurt a week, do not buy a liter of yogurt that expires after five days. 

Taking into account all these tips we assure you that you will save a lot by making your purchase in the supermarket. 

Can you tell us what tips do you use to save more? Do you have any tricks hidden in your sleeve? 

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