8 Tips to Buy Your Home Decor on the Internet

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In 2018, we were 500 million Indian who made a purchase on the internet. The rise of online sales has allowed the world of decoration to make a place for itself on the web. Result? The decor is becoming more democratic and the offer is becoming richer. The good news is that in a few clicks, we can redo its decor but the worst is that we do not know where to turn! To see more clearly, we have listed the 8 things to do and watch when you buy your decor on the internet!

1. Define the reliability of the seller

This is the first thing to do before ordering anything! This means that you have to verify that the site you want to buy is reliable. In practice, the Directorate General of Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (DGCCRF) recommends entering the name of the site or product on your search engine and attaching it to the term ‘scam’ to see if consumers have already had bad experiences. As a precaution, you can choose a site whose company is located in India. Indeed, this allows you to benefit from the protection and the national law. To know the identity of the site, go to the level of the legal mentions (they are obligatory on all the sites published on a professional basis). By consulting them, you can check the name, address and name of the company. If the legal notices do not appear on the site, go your way!

2. Read the whole product sheet

It makes sense but believe us, just a carelessness to end up with a piece of furniture much smaller than expected … So, the first thing to do when you crack for a piece of furniture is to read his technical sheet. Look first at the dimensions of the product also leaves to measure the space that you reserve for him in your interior. In the same way, identify the material, especially when it comes to fabrics. Look closely at the visuals and enlarge them to see as much detail as possible. Finally, remember to check the weight, the colors but also the information about the product warranty!

3. Look at the general conditions of sale

In the same way as the legal notices, you must be interested in the general conditions of sale of your product. Let it be said, this is not the most fun part. But, once again, this step is important for the reliability of your purchase. Among all the information found here, here are the most important: – the vendor’s contact details, – the currency used, – the delivery times, – the subscription terms (for payments in several times for example) – the rights of retractions, – the cost of return, – the use of personal data, – or if the prices are tax-free or not.

4. Check the shipping costs

Often excited at the idea of ​​commanding the object of desire, one sometimes forgets the details. This is the case of the shipping costs that we all have (let’s face it) tend to underestimate. And when the payment arrives, one remains speechless in front of the price which has suddenly increased! This is even more valid for furniture purchases whose weight tipped the delivery price. Good to know: the site enforces the legislation of the country in which the company is located. Thus, shipping and customs fees may vary depending on each country!

5. Read the reviews

If you followed our advice, you have already searched the web to learn more about the online decor site that interests you. Beyond the reliability of the seller, you can also use the opinions of consumers to know the positives and negatives of the product that makes you an eye. And often, it’s not the opinions that are missing so you have no excuse not to buy on the internet with caution. Remember to write, in your turn, an opinion! Because if the criticism of others helped you, it would be a shame not to play the game, is not it?

6. See the delivery date

That’s it you’re convinced, you’re about to crack. Yes, but before you buy, you must (still) check one essential point: the delivery date. Before confirming your payment, the seller is obliged to inform you of the delivery deadline. If the deadline is not respected, know that the code of consumption requires the seller to refund the buyer within 30 days. That said, the sites of used objects do not all have the same guarantees.

7. Lower the prices!

Do you still doubt the price of your favorite product? And if we told you that it is possible to lower its price? Or at least, increase the chances of getting a discount! Here are some tips to lower the bill: * Subscribe to the newsletters of your favorite sites. Who knows, your favorite product may be in the list of upcoming promotional offers! Not to mention that most e-commerce sites offer a discount with a welcome code during registration. It would be a shame to deprive myself, right? * Check the promotional code sites. In addition to signing up for the newsletter or creating an account on the site, you can peel sites like ikea and find discount codes to save money! * Leave your products in the basket. This tip is especially valid for major retailers and when you have an account on the site. By sending you a discount code by email, they force you to complete the purchase. And finally, it’s a win-win! * Finally, remember to delete your cookies or use the private browsing of your search engine. By leaving your cookies free to access, sites record your visits and know what you are looking for. Result? They take the opportunity to show you the most expensive products corresponding to your needs.

8. Secure payment

To ensure your payment, you must ensure that the web page is secure. For that, it is enough to see if the address of the page contains an “s” to “https” (s for secure). For the more cautious, think about the 3D Secure option. Most banks today offer the possibility to validate a payment with a code sent by message. And besides, it’s free! Anyway, never give your credit card codes by mail or phone and check your bank statements after each acquisition. Once the order has been placed, you must receive an acknowledgment of receipt. The seller is required to summarize your order in an acknowledgment of receipt email without delay. Remember to read it carefully to check that there are no errors.

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