9 saving tips when shopping in the supermarket

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Especially in this day and age, it is important to save when shopping in the supermarket. For families, food is the second largest monthly expenditure, and there is great potential for savings here. Especially at the present time, it is very important for many to save. Also saving money while shopping wants to be learned to be able to lead a good life with a small wallet. The following tips refer to the purchase in discounters, drugstores, and other food markets. But with a little preparation and an eye for prices can buy cheap and high-quality food, especially during weekly shopping in the supermarket discounter.

1) Prepare for shopping

Basically, you should set before buying a money limit and write a shopping list after which you should definitely be. The easiest way to comply with the money limit is to take only a certain amount of cash and do without the credit card. The shopping list should be held in the hand or stick to the handle of the shopping cart, the post it are well suited.

2) Buy large packs while shopping

Not for nothing stack up with clever buyers, the stocks or large packages, because these are actually cheaper and help you to save in the supermarket discounter. But be careful, be sure to only buy products in bulk packs that you can use within the shelf life. Think about what foods or products you need in large quantities beforehand. In addition, special attention can be paid to non-perishable products. These include, for example, kitchen roll and toilet paper. This procedure is equally useful and effective with care products such as shower gel. These are offered from time to pack in two or three. Then they are much cheaper and are still needed regularly.

3) Save with weekly papers or advertising sheets

Many supermarket discounters publish a weekly offer sheet free of charge. In these offers of the respective week and special promotions are shown. But beware, not every special offer is also cheap! Here is a comparison. This is especially true for meat and sausage products. Particular attention should be paid in these articles on the kilogram price or the price per hundred grams. If you have discovered a suitable offer, you can buy this, especially meat, in a larger quantity than you need at that moment. Simply freeze and fall back when the meat is again very expensive.

4) Revert to house brands while shopping

In order to really save money at the supermarket discounter, you often just have to bend over. Imagine standing in front of a supermarket shelf, what do you see? Many appealing products from reputable manufacturers, at some proud prices. Now bother with this supermarket shelf and bend down. Because right down there you will find the same items from “No Name” manufacturers or the house brand of the respective supermarket discounters. These are much cheaper and can largely compete with branded products. Whether you like the cheap version as well, you have to find out for yourself. Just do the comparison test.

5) Buy fresh instead of finished

It’s nothing new that finished products are more expensive. Often these attract with appealing pictures and above all a very fast and uncomplicated preparation. But it is often cheaper to cook these meals yourself. Make a list of all finished products you buy regularly and think about which ones you can substitute with fresh foods. However, one can say that exceptions here confirm the rule because so a good pasta sauce in a glass with special offer price can be cheaper than all fresh ingredients. But do not worry, if you have bought fresh food for a while, the feeling of those prices is developing.

6) The lure in the entrance area

Often offers are temptingly placed at the entrance of the buying markets and animate beautifully presented to access. If it is an offer which is needed, so must be paid in detail to the price, because not all offers are really cheap. In some cases, lower prices are presented, but less is included in the packaging than usual. For the consumer, a sign must be recognizable for comparison on each commodity, which exhibits the price per kilo or 100 Gram. This information is very helpful to be able to compare the individual products. If this is not the case, mental arithmetic, a calculator or the mobile phone help. This comparison method also applies to all other articles.

7) You just have to know where the cheap goods are

Most staple foods are cheap if you know where they are in the supermarket. In this case, the consumer usually has to bend over. Because most cheap deals are on the bottom shelves. At eye level and higher are the expensive to middle-aged products. The comfortable person does not like bending over, the market researchers know that as well, which is why the products are usually sorted in this way.

8) Guarantee for bargains

Bargains are often found in garbage tables, which rarely have a specific place. Where a place in the store is free, sometimes directly in front of the cash register or somewhere in a corner that is not often visited are cheap offers of expired goods. It seems as if the shops would not like to sell these goods because even with expired goods, the seller is liable and has to swap the food in a complaint. If a consumer buys five expired yogurts at a special price and places them at home If it is found that these are inedible, the seller must exchange the yogurts for new goods. Prerequisite, you go back the same day and has his shopping list as proof. The situation is different with separately declared goods, if it was pointed out that this is defective and the exchange is excluded.

9) weekly shopping

You should shop as much as possible in a weekly shopping at a discount store. The regularity of shopping gives you routine and saves you money. Who buys weekly in the supermarket discounter and in addition has one or more children , knows that it is not always easy to inexpensively and still buy everything necessary.

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