Amazon Launches Smart Stores in India, Local Shops Will Be Digital

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Amazon has expanded its payment service Amazon Pay in India. Smart Stores has been launched for offline retailers. With this, retail stores will be able to take online payments.

This will be a completely contactless payment and local shops will have to sign up for this. Under this service, you will go to the nearest shop and scan the QR code, after which the information about the products being sold in that shop will come on your phone.

 You can select and pay from here. After this, the shopkeeper will give you the goods. Regarding social distancing, the company has said that it will prove beneficial for both the customers and the shopkeeper. Amazon has launched this service in the name of Smart Stores for India. The company will provide software programs to retail stores so that they can maintain the digital logs of their shop. It will work separately from Paytm and Phone Pay.

However, here too, offline retailers will be given a QR Code so that they can install payment in front of their shop. This QR code has to be scanned on the Amazon app.

Scanning the QR code of Amazon Smart Store facing the shop, customers will also see what goods are available in this shop. Apart from this, information about offers will also be found here.

From the app itself, you can select the goods of the shop which you want to buy and make a direct payments. There will also be an option for a review of customers, where you will be able to know about that product or the earlier discount offer available on that product.

After selecting the goods, customers will get the option to transfer money from other payment apps including Amazon Pay. You will also be able to pay here using UPI ID including debit or credit card.

Amazon says that both customers and shopkeepers will benefit from this. Because customers will not have to go inside the shop to choose goods and this will also maintain social distancing. The company will also reward customers on purchasing in this way.

According to Amazon, during this kind of purchase, customers can also use the option of Amazon Pay Later.

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