Aware !! downloading third party GST apps may lead you to malware attack.

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It’s been half of the July for GST to applied and the switchover to the Goods and Service Tax (GST) from July 1, Yet it is confusing and painful to accept/understand it for all around the nation thanks to the marketing gimmicks and lack of clarity.

In order to reduce this situation and to help the country to getting ready for its biggest tax reform, Market is flooded with softwares and Apps to  help the taxpayer file complex GST returns.But with these facilities Cyber experts have raised the alarm over apps that claim to assist in calculating or filing Goods and Services Tax (GST) returns. So Think twice before downloading those apps on your smartphone for GST-related queries.

Apps that claim to be providing information about government schemes and initiatives. Most of these mobile applications allegedly work for data capturing or phishing. There is a pool of applications run by individuals that is based outside the country or may be running from unidentified location as there is no regulatory body to keep check on them. Most of them don’t even provide GST information, will just get data from you about your business or even your personal informations.

Not only for GST, fake apps on checking daily fuel price have also flooded the market with same agenda. The situation is alarming as most of the applications are fake or suspicious on their methods. Like Most of the apps took permissions to access mobile gallery, phone, contact, messages, camera and GPS location which are not required.

“It cannot be ruled out that most of the apps are misusing the data accessed by them. They could sell these data or may use it for nefarious purpose like spying,”  said cyber security expert Kislay Choudhary, chairman of NGO Indian Cyber Army.

After demonetisation, we have several financial apps popped up for download, and same happened again for fuel price indicator and GST calculation. There are numbers of app also in market named after prime minister Mr.narendra modi with have thousands of downloads with high rating.This is dangerous in cases like this when users are in lack of knowledge and their data will stolen by cyber criminals on the name of information.

Users should be cautious in sharing information online, especially for those trending apps.

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