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With rising food prices, it is becoming more and more difficult to eat healthily. Buying organic food with a small budget may seem sometimes impossible, especially if the budget of food races is very limited and yet include organic food in your daily diet is not as expensive as We can think of that.

By adopting these few small changes you could benefit from important health benefits without the need to ruin yourself.

Cultivate a vegetable garden

A garden does not have to be huge to produce a good amount of free food. Start by planting food that you like in existing flowerbeds by replacing ornamental plants with fruits, vegetables or herbs.

Some varieties of tomatoes grow to about three feet tall, making them an excellent medium for small plants such as basil, dill or peppers. Lettuce leaves, with red or green varieties, can serve as an ornamental border.

These plants provide food throughout the growing season and require very little maintenance. Even if you rent an apartment or house where the owner does not allow you to change the landscaping, you can still grow plants in bins.

Tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, cucumbers and herbs grow perfectly well in simple bins. In addition, the bins have the advantage of not requiring weeding, making them ideal for busy people.

Alternative sources of protein

Although a large majority of people regard meat as the best source of protein, its cost in its organic variety is still very prohibitive. Beans are not only an excellent source of fiber, protein and a large number of vitamins and minerals but they are also very economical when you buy them organic.

In fact, organic beans are barely more expensive than their conventional counterparts. To ease the transition from meat to beans, limit yourself to replacing them with a meat dinner once a week.

As you discover and enjoy more bean recipes, gradually replace the majority of meat meals with beans to halve your meat intake. This small change will make a big difference in your health and your budget.

Buy in bulk

More and more stores are starting to offer bulk food products. Beans, nuts and cereals are generally significantly cheaper when purchased in bulk due to reduced packaging, labeling and transportation costs.

Buy reusable containers and buy your basic organic foods in bulk to save money and reduce waste to protect the environment.

The transition to organic foods does not cost the eyes of the head anymore. By buying smarter and growing your own food you will help you become healthier and happier while making significant savings.

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