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Would a holiday scent hover in the air? Could it be time to get away from it all? I think so, yes! If you are planning on staying at the hotel, and have not booked yet, STOP !!! Stop and read these few tips that may help you save a maximum on your hotel bookings to enjoy a cheap hotel.

Tip # 1: The cashback and a promo code

It is obvious, it is recalled because it must be: cashback and promo codes are one of the simplest ways to save, an essential step to your online bookings (and all your purchases). You can earn several dozen euros, which will pay you a restaurant or one more night!

Tip # 2: Check the price of packs

Check if the flight + hotel packages are really better … Sometimes it’s cheaper to book separately.

Tip # 3: Book directly on the hotel website

Because yes, rate comparators can be misleading … This also happens very often during flight bookings where the best price displayed is actually linked to a particular payment method (often a particular bank card) that of course, we do not have … If you find a low price on a comparator, it will necessarily also be available on the hotel website, and you do not risk paying a commission.

Tip 4: Inquire at new hotels

It does require some research, but it can really be worth it. Indeed, young hotels generally offer lower prices than the market to attract and build a customer base, so you can enjoy high-end services for less!

Tip 5: Clear your browsing history

You should know, many booking sites (especially comparators) locate through cookies if you have already visited their site. The result, the next visits on their page, the rates increase mysteriously! No secret in fact: erase your history and cookies before returning to the site in question, or use private browsing. If you are not sure of the price, check by connecting outside your home or on your usual device. For example, look at the price on your mobile, to compare and verify that you are not being fooled.

Tip # 6: Negotiate by phone

Contact the hotel directly, by phone for those who are not afraid, and negotiate for a discount on vacant rooms. This works especially if your stay is planned shortly. It’s always worth a try!

Feel free to tell us if these tips have helped you make money on your hotel bookings! Do you have other things to share? Do it in a comment. Have a good stay!

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