Clothing Basics That Every Woman Should Have In Her Wardrobe

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Clothing is essential, no doubt, but there are some that we overuse and never want to throw away! These are called ‘BASICS.’ Every woman needs to have basics in her wardrobe to help her get on with her daily chores and live the life she wants! Basics allow her to be who she is without altering her personality. Here is a list of items that are an absolute necessity for her wardrobe!

1. The Little Black Dress

The LBD will go with absolutely anything. You could throw on a denim jacket over it and go with a blazer depending upon whether or not it is a casual or a formal event. The black dress comes to your rescue when you have nothing on your mind, and you wish to go out dressed in a simple yet an elegant sort of way.

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2. Leather Jacket

The leather jacket adds class and composure to your outfit. You could wear a simple Tee and a pair of jeans below it, and thrown on a bit of leather and Voila! You have your magic recipe! This item of clothing makes you look dressy but works perfectly well during winters or on game nights and dinners.

3. Flats

Flat shoes or ballerinas are highly underestimated, to be honest! These are your saviors when you want to go for a casual outing and do not want to look overdressed. You do not need a hundred pairs of them, get one or two in a black or the nude shade, and that’s it, they well every outfit. You will never regret buying a simple pair of flats, we assure you!

4. Chains

Now most you might have a big no-no for this, but trust us, a small and thin chain on your formal attire can add a little extra that you need. It adds subtlety to your entire look. However, for a party look, go ahead and add 3 or more chains, but make sure they go along with your outfit. If your dress is too basic, your chains will pump your lookup also.

5. Shorts

Be it denim or cotton, a pair of shorts need to be there in your wardrobe at all times! You could Grocery shopping or take a walk along the beach for that matters, but do wear them, they a glam to your style sense.

6. Basic Tees

These will never go out of fashion. Basic Tees of any color will serve meaning your closet. When you layer your clothing over tees, they emit a different radiance. Even if you wish not to pair them with a jacket or a shawl, tees are still the best look for all seasons. These are welcomed in both, the summers and the winters.

7. Denim

Jackets, shorts, dresses or shirts, you can never get tired of anything made of denim. For starters, the trend has been popular for over a century, and with each coming year, the style evolves. They come in a dozen colors, styles, cuts and sizes, and are worn over by people of ages. They are comfortable and hands down, the most important piece of garment in anyone’s wardrobe!

8. Slingbag

These are ting bags that can be worn on one side of the shoulder or crossed over and pulled to the other side. It serves as an accessory on many occasions and is more than just a pouch to keep one’s belongings. Sling bags can be paired with pants, shorts, skirts and even with short dresses.

9. Trench Coat

What could go wrong with a classic trench? Absolutely nothing! Trenches are a part of everyday clothing and most certainly must not be dismissed from your wardrobe. Although, you need to decide if you want to wear your trench over a dress or pants. With dresses, your coat must be as long as the dress, and when it comes to pants, it could be a little shorter.

10. Sweaters or Sweatshirts

When you want to be entirely carefree, go in for sweatshirts. Usually, these are loose, made of cotton and comfortable to wear; some even come with hoodies. Sweatshirts are a preferred choice among teenagers these days. They can be paired with both jeans and shorts.

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