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Definition of the term promotion code

A promotion code is a sequence of numbers and / or letters that allows a customer to take advantage of a discount or benefit online or in store. A promotion code can be personal or impersonal depending on the brand’s strategy. The promotion code can be both in physical form, in this case we will talk about a coupon or a coupon or it may be dematerialized and usable only on the internet.

History of promotion code

The promotion codes started with the beginning of the internet. Indeed, more and more brands have started to set up websites to sell their products online. Basically, promotion codes or “coupons” could only be used in physical stores and allowed brands to retain their customers or to incite new sales.

It was in the early 2000s that many brands began to develop their online strategies and set up e-couponing campaigns to boost their sales and to retain their customers on the Internet. This practice has evolved a lot in the years since the internet boom and promotional codes have become a lever for advertisers like Vistaprint or Homair. Many advertisers use promotion codes as a lever for traffic acquisition and promotion during hot times of the year (Sales, Christmas, Valentine’s Day) to boost sales.

The different types of promotion codes

Promotion codes can be classified under 4 distinct typologies. Each type of promotion code is entitled to a certain advantage as can be seen below.

Promotion codes that entitle you to an immediate discount in RS.

This typology of promotion code is the most used with the following that we will see in the following part. Promotion codes “€” actually allow to offer Internet users and buyers an immediate discount on their order as soon as the insertion and validation of the code to their basket. This is the type of code preferred by Internet users because of the savings it induces.

Let’s take an example to illustrate this case:

You want to buy a TV from a famous brand of home appliances at a price of Rs.80000. At the same time, the brand in question offers promotional codes “XXX” to use on all the products of its website.

You just have to choose from the proposed codes the one that can be used on your order (depending on the amount of your order for example) and use it online on the brand website. It is not uncommon to get promotion codes of RS.10, Rs.20, RS.30 and more to use at certain brands.

Promotion codes to obtain a percentage discount

Promotion codes that entitle you to a percentage discount on the value of the purchase are also very popular with online shoppers . The operation is exactly the same as for the other types of promotion codes except that the discount applied is a percentage discount. The advantage of these codes is that they often offer a higher discount than those in “€”.

Let’s take another example for this case:

You intend to buy a laptop worth Rs.1500 at a famous computer manufacturer that offers 5% promotion codes from Rs.1500 purchase on all laptops . Upon completion of your order, you will receive an immediate discount of Rs.75.

If we compare with the average economy obtained with codes of type “€” which is of the order of 15 € we see immediately the difference. Of course, this difference diminishes the more the amounts are small. So we note that the promotion codes “%” are more interesting when the amount of the average basket is high however the decision to implement this type of code depends only on advertisers.

Gift promotion codes

This typology of promotional code is used by many brands especially in the field of beauty and health. These promotion codes allow, contrary to obtain a reduction of the amount of your order, to receive free an additional article in addition to your order. These promotional codes are still less present than the 2 other types explained above because it is not necessarily relevant and obvious to offer gifts for all brands (we will think in particular brands auto-motorcycle, service delivery in France. line…).

Typical example of a gift type promotion code:

You order beauty products at a famous beauty shop that offers gift promotion codes. We can imagine that for a minimum amount of XX euros, the brand offers you as a gift a beauty kit or other.

It is quite possible that the brand offers various gift promotion codes in order to satisfy the maximum buyers and to sell their stock.

Promotion codes that offer postage

There is also a last typology of promotion codes, also less often used by advertisers: codes giving the right to free delivery . At a time when all major retailers offer either basic free delivery or very low shipping costs, this type of promotional codes is not widely used by them. In addition, a buyer will be more tempted by a promotional code in € or% than a promotion code offering free shipping (unless the e-merchant does not charge a huge shipping costs).

Example of this typology:

You buy for XXX euros of clothes at Missguided and they still charge you X euros of postage. Thanks to a promotion code of this type, shipping costs will not be charged and the amount of your order will be reduced.

As can be seen, the four typologies of promotion codes are complementary between them . Advertisers choose which type (s) to select based on the marketing strategy they want to adopt.

Conditions and use of promotion codes

After decrypting all the typologies of promotional codes that exist to date, it is useful to understand and analyze more closely what are the typical conditions imposed by advertisers regarding the use of their promotion codes . It is also necessary to explain succinctly how to use a promotion code .

The terms of use of promotional codes

Depending on the brands and their strategies, the promotion codes they provide are subject to different conditions of use. Here are the conditions that we find most often:

  • Nominative code : this implies that the promotion code is personal and that it will only be used once
  • Code not nominative but usable only once. This is often the case for promotional codes offered when subscribing to the newsletter of a site for example.
  • Code with minimum purchase : to take advantage of the promotion code, it will be necessary to respect a minimum order amount (for example 10 €).
  • Code on category of products / services : this type of code can be used only on certain categories of the website of the brand.
  • Code not combinable with the promo : most promotional codes are not cumulative with the balances and / or items already stored.
  • Codes valid only for new customers
  • Codes valid only for a first purchase
  • Codes valid only for holders of a loyalty card
  • Codes valid only for pro

As you can see, codes are often subject to a lot of conditions (not all of course) so that there is no abuse and it does not cost too much to the brand.

The use of promotion codes in general

As you’ve probably seen on e-commerce sites, there is often a small box “Add a promotion code” when you pay. It is here that you must add the promotion code that you will get either via a promo code site such as Ikoupi or directly on the brand’s website and / or by mail. It is possible that this box is not necessarily highlighted by the brand for marketing or other reasons.

Feel free to take a look at the page of your cart and / or when paying that there is a box to take advantage of a promotion code but in general, if you have found a promotion code for a brand is that the box exists somewhere so open the eye!

Our tips for using promotion codes

Bonus on board, find a promotion code for its purchase may seem simple and it is sometimes the case, but sometimes it reveals more laborious than expected. Between fake codes, fake discounts or even armored advertising sites, it is not always easy to obtain a promotion code . Here are some tips to get the most out of promotion codes that can be found on Ikoupi and on the web in a more general way.

The code does not work, do not panic.

In case the code you chose does not work for X reason, do not hesitate to try another one (if other codes are available for the brand in question). If the code does not work, it can come from various reasons as we mentioned earlier. The most common are: minimum purchase amount not reached, expiration date expired, basket containing promotional products …

No code is available for my purchase

If you are looking for a promotion code for a brand and you come across a site that does not offer any code for this brand, do not hesitate to visit other sites. Indeed, it often happens that some sites like Ikoupi have exclusive partnerships that allow them to obtain promotional codes ‘branded’ ie only for their sites. You understand that it is often interesting to visit other sites to have a look if they have valid promotion codes for the brand you are looking for.

Check the conditions of use of promotion codes

Although checking the conditions of the codes promotion is probably the most important point so as not to waste time unnecessarily trying coupon codes that anyway will not apply on your order. Trademarks are obligated to provide the terms of use of the codes and they are normally posted on all promotional code sites on the code thumbnails.

Do not hesitate to read the comments of previous users

Few sites Ikoupi offers users leave a comment to confirm that the code worked well on their purchase. This has a double interest:

  • On the one hand it allows site administrators to remove the promotion code if it does not work anymore
  • On the other hand this allows users to have a confidence index and proof that the code works or at least worked the days before their purchase.

Beware of the promotion codes expiration date

Most sites clearly show if the promotion code has expired, however, we must remain vigilant about the expiration date promotion codes because many sites put a date very far (2050 for example) to deceive the user and to make him click. This is a common practice to be wary of although as an average user, we can not really know in advance if the code is a fake code expired …

In conclusion we can say that promotion codes and especially their use has changed significantly in recent years and brands have very well adapted their strategies accordingly. Let’s not forget that promotion codes are completely free and you will never be asked to spend anything to get one. The only possible condition that you may encounter will be in the case of registration to a newsletter (you must register to get your promotion code) but it is completely normal.

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