FaceApp: This Russian Face-Aging App Secretly Stealing Your Data

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FaceApp has become completely viral. People have been divided into two camps. One camp is saying that there is no harm to this app, while people in the other camp are saying that this app is a big threat to privacy. People are raising questions about the privacy of this app. So some people are saying that Facebook, Whatsapp, and other apps also have a privacy policy like this.

Founder and CEO of FaceApp has started giving interviews. This app has suddenly become viral all over the world. However, it is on the App Store since 2017. Right now, this app is crashing and some people are not able to use it either.  

FaceApp has remained at the number one in the Free category from the Google Play Store to the Apple App Store. It has been downloaded hundreds of crores and its rating is also 4.5. It is not only trending in one country, but it remains in number 121 in 121 countries around the world.  

We have already told you about the terms and conditions of the FaceApp. Its policy clearly states that the user’s photographs and data will remain with the company and it will not be sold for advertising. However, here also it has been said that if the company of this group needs it, then it can use the user’s data.

Founder of FaceApp said:

FaceApp is a Russian app and its founder has said that users do not have any privacy risks. He has said that the company does not sell user data to a third party. If users wish, they can also delete their data from the Face app.

How to delete your data from FaceApp?

If you think that you should delete your data from FaceApp, you can also do this. For this you have to go to settings of this app. Here is the option of support. Then click on Report a bug. Here you can send your query by typing Privacy in the Subject Line.

Overall, the company has made it clear that the user’s data is safe and even if the app is Russia, but data does not go to Russia.  

Will FBI investigate the FaceApp?

This app is from Russia. America and Russia are each other’s rival. The relations between these two countries are not good. In such a situation, US Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schummer has asked for Investigation to take up FaceApp. They feel that this app is troublesome and the personal data of the American people is going to another country. His signal is clear, that is, he is saying that through this, the data of the American people is going to Russia. He has said that this app should be investigated by the FBI and the FTC.  

Many security experts are claiming that this app only keeps the data you give it. French security researcher Robert Baptiste has said that the terms and conditions of the FaceApp are also the same in Facebook and Whatsapp. This app also takes the same type of permissions from the users. This app does not upload photos of users to their servers in the background.  

Should you use these apps?

This app is for fun. It is true that your photos have access to it and your biometric details also go to it. Look in terms of privacy and you prefer privacy so you can avoid it. But it’s not that this app is a big danger bell for you.

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