Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale 2018, Will emphasize on in-house brands MarQ and Perfect Homes

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Flipkart, India’s online shopping company, is going to launch its Big Billion Day sale every year as well. This sale will start in October. Every year, people eagerly look forward to these days in India, where they get the opportunity to buy things they want at a good price. Wal-Mart’s acquisition company, Flipkart, is also bringing things of a non-fashion category such as Furniture, Electronics, and Home Appliances.

Emphasis on in-house private labels like MarQ

Flipkart is also bringing in its non-fashionable brand product in Big Billion Days this time. This time you can get huge discounts on the company’s in-house brand product during the sale. At present, a large number of brands are present in the portfolio of India’s leading e-commerce company. Among them the newest brand launched a year ago, MarQ has attracted a lot of people. If you have not heard about the markQ before, tell me MarkQ is the brand of Flipkart and it has been started for the company’s Home Appliances product. It prepares a number of electronic products from air conditioning to washing machines. Incidentally, this time, in this sale, 15 percent of the related segments will be in-house home appliances.

Mark’s Smart TV & Refrigerator

According to a fresh report, Flipkart is planning to make refrigerators and smart televisions in the portfolio of Mark’s Home Appliances. Obviously, Flipkart is going to offer huge discounts on these newly launched products during the sale.

Flipkart’s Private Label Head, Adarsh Sharma said on Flipkart’s growing interest in pursuing the in-house brand, “Private label is a big part of our Big Billion Day of this year. We are going to bring products in three categories, big appliance Furniture, and Electronic Accessories. “

Flipkart has recently launched its first step in the Home Furnishing Market, launching Anapa brand new ‘Perfect Homes’. The product offered will be made directly from brands like PeperFry, HomeTown and Godrej Interior.

Industry analysts claim that nearly half of Flipkart’s total sales come from its smartphone category, while the fashion product’s share is 26 percent. Private label brands like Flipkart’s Mark, Perfect Homes, Smartbay and Billion Together make a 5 percent share of the company’s GMV. This figure is going to grow soon. And Flipkart, the beginning of the change, could make Big Billions Day. Flipkart officials believe that the company’s profits will be the most profitable for the company’s furniture and large appliance companies.

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