Google Released Pixel 4 Teaser, Know What will be Special

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Google has tweeted a picture, so the Pixel smartphone fans are very excited. In fact, a photo has been shared with Pixel 4 hashtags from Google’s Made by Google Twitter handle. It has the same picture which has been leaking on the internet for the past few days. In it, you can see that square-shaped camara modules can be seen on the rear panel.Google’s event takes place in October, where the company launches new Pixel smartphones. This time too will be the event in October and now there are four months left. According to Google’s tweet, Pixel 4 will have four no-two rear cameras, but the module will be different.

Significantly, this camera module was leaked to the iPhone 11 recently. However, it is not clear how many rear cameras will be in the iPhone 11.

This photo, tweeted by Google, is also clear that this time the company will display these display fingerprint scanners in Pixel 4. Because there is no fingerprint scanner on the rear panel.

Square Camera module means that this time the company has done a lot about Augmented Reality. Google can probably make its old Google Tango project alive with it. If you look at this photo carefully, you will not only see two cameras but there is also a dual flash system. Along with this, some sensors have also been given. Now what will be its work, it will be known only after the launch. 

Google Pixel 4 will be the company’s flagship, obviously this smartphone will be given Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. With this smartphone, Android Q will be supported, as it is Google’s latest mobile operating system.Google Pixel Smartphone has a specialty that its camera is superb. This time the company is preparing to launch Pixel 4 along with the new sensor. However, some more information is expected to come up in some days.

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