Google will make a bang on Diwali: Shopping without money

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Google will provide you an online loan for the purchase.

Google’s big bang is going on this year’s Deepawali. Without money, you will be able to buy online from 15,000 vendors online on Google’s platform. You will immediately provide a loan online for shopping. Recently, Google has named its digital payment platform on Google, through which you will be able to buy a loan without any hassles during Diwali. E-commerce companies such as Uber, Bookmisho, will also lend on this platform of Google.

Your bank account transaction will determine the amount of your loan

Banks like HDFC, ICICI, Federal and Kotak Mahindra will offer loans from Google’s digital payment platform. Looking at the transaction records of the customers willing to take a loan, it will decide how much money the client can take. The amount of the loan will go into that customer’s account. The easy installment (EMI) will have to be paid by the loan.

Selection of 15,000 vendors for sale

Google has selected 15,000 e-shoppers to launch a cell explosion during Diwali. A workshop was organized at different places from the Google team for this work. Google has also appointed a trainer to teach online shopping in the rural areas. The biggest advantage of Google is that Google Teams are now using more than 50 million people using the Google Pay app. Those using this app will get loan easily from Google’s platform during Diwali. The e-commerce companies in India have crossed $ 40 billion in business. In the next two years, this business will cross 100 billion dollars.

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