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Release Date : 8th November 2019


It was a historical moment for no Gujarati film so far had won the top prize for which they choose from across languages. Set in 1975 in a small village in the Rann of Kutch, Gujarat, the social drama centres around the fraught lives of women in a highly patriarchal society.

Hellaro Star Cast

Cast : Kaushambi Bhatt, Jayesh More, Esha Kansara, Maulik Nayak, Tejas Panchasara, Prateek Gupta, Shraddha Dangar
Director: Abhishek Shah
Producer: Ashish C Patel, Nirav C Patel, Aayush Patel, Abhishek Shah, Mit Jani & Prateek Gupta
Story: Abhishek Shah
Screenplay: Abhishek Shah and Prateek Gupta
Music: Mehul Surti
Choreographer: Samir Tanna and Arsh Tanna
Makeup Design: Srikant Desai
Costume Designer: Niki Joshi
Sound Design: Subash Sahoo
Production and Set Design: Ravi Popat and Sheel Thakore

Hellaro Movie Review


‘Hellaro’ has already won the Best Feature Film Award. The viewers of this film have been waiting eagerly and now the cinematic experience has finally arrived on screen.

The simplest story of the film is very strong on the screen. Dialogues take your heart off and the excellent performance of artists with music, good choreography also cools your eyes. Apart from this, the beauty of the background of Kutch shown in the cinematography of the film is also awe-inspiring. The story of the film is about the livelihood of women and traditional rules. In the film, 13 actresses were also honored with silverware. The film is about the dreams of 13 heroines living in a male-dominated society. If the performance is talked about then Shraddha Dangar who is playing the role of Manjri. It keeps you tied up. All the actresses have put their lives into action. Apart from all these 13 actresses, the film also stars Kaushambi Bhatt, Jayesh More, Esha Kansara, Maulik Nayak, Tejas Panchasara, Prateek Gupta.

This is the debut film of Abhishek Shah as director. In which he has succeeded in making his mark. The main concept or point of is known in the first scene of the film when the men are playing Garba outside and the women watch them from inside the house. The director has also done well in some of the film’s emotional scenes. In the film, when Arjun (Arjav Trivedi) tells his wife Manjri to leave Garba, the song playing in the background is ‘Mangi lege dreamless night’ or Mulji thinks about his daughter and says, “Nach reva, now teri vari” Some of these scenes really leave a great impression on your mind and brain.

The Music of film is composed by Mehul Surti, which is quite in line with the story of the film. Apart from this, the words of Saumya Joshi ( film’s dialogues) and Aditya Gadhvi’s voice make the song a favorite. The choreography of the film is also fantastic, in which emotions are well expressed. Apart from this, there are light moments somewhere in the film that the viewers like.

Hellaro Gujarati Movie Trailer

Hellaro Movie Synopsis

During the Emergency in India, a group of suppressed women from a village in Kutch, find someone in the desert and their lives are changed forever.

Hellaro Movie Offers

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