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Friday has come with two big news in Gujarat. And this day is historically one of a kind. All 26 gates of the dam were opened today due to rising water level in Narmada Dam. So the film, based on Narmada, received a national award for Rewa. In addition, Gujarati film Helaroo also received the National Award.

The 66th National Film Festival was announced today. Which has good news for Gujarati. The film, based on Narmada, was given the National Award for Best Gujarati Film. The Hallero film received the National Award for Best Feature Film. The Reva film is a film based on ‘Narmada’ in the film, which is based on the original Dhruv Bhatt’s novel “Tatavamsi”. The story of the film begins in America and ends on the Narmada coast.

Today is historic for the state. The doors at Narmada Dam have been opened for the first time since the doors were opened. As the doors opened, spectacular views were seen at the dam. 26 gates of Narmada Dam have been opened. The opening of the Narmada Dam was also accompanied by a spectacular view at the dam. On Friday morning, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani and Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel arrived at Narmada Dam.

Hellaro StarCast:

The film stars Jayesh More and Shraddha Dhangar. Abhishek Shah, started his casting career with a Gujarati film, ‘Bey Yaar’, in 2014.

Hellaro Release Date:

October 2019

Hellaro Movie Offers:

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