How to choose your Internet provider?

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Would you like to subscribe to an Internet access offer for your home? Television, telephone, very high speed … Several formulas at different rates are offered by Internet providers. How to compare them and which provider to choose?

Which formula to turn to?

To choose an ISP, the price of the monthly subscription is not the only parameter to consider . When you subscribe to an offer to receive an Internet connection to your home, almost all offers today include telephone and television in the same formula. This is called “triple play”. Thus, by subscribing to an Internet box, you will also have access to television channels and a connection to a landline. Be careful though, there are still some rare formulas that only provide access to the Internet.

It should be noted that today, some formulas also include a mobile phone plan. This is called a “quadruple play” offer. Depending on your operator, it may be advantageous for you to subscribe to this offer, which allows you to group your mobile phone with your Internet offer. Compare the services offered by your current plan and the one offered by the ISP (Internet connection, calls abroad, etc.).

Good to know: Beware of low prices and additional costs

Certain formulas with very attractive prices hide in fact additional expenses. This is the case when the monthly subscription does not include the rental of the box, to be added each month. Also take into account the line activation fee, the price of the deposit paid for the equipment (refunded upon termination) or cancellation of the subscription if you change provider.

Which services to choose in addition to the Internet?

As we have seen, the majority of formulas are not limited to Internal t. Regarding television, compare the number of channels and the variety of programs offered. Some offers are more advantageous because they offer replay services or recording programs on the box hard drive.

Also remember to ask in detail the services offered on your box tvs, such as access to newspaper titles (newspapers and magazines) or access to VoD (video on demand), especially if you are a fan of movies and series. On the fixed line side, some services such as calls abroad can also be taken into account in your comparison.

How much of my Internet subscription?

The last parameter to take into account is the rate, that is to say, the speed at which the data will be transmitted to your box. If you only have one computer is that your Internet use is “basic” (emails, search engine browsing, etc.), a classic flow formula will suffice. On the other hand, if there are several computers or devices connected to your Internet box, if you are a large family or you plan to download heavy files, a very high-speed connection (THD) may be more appropriate for your use.

You then have to choose the Internet connection mode. There are boxes that work by ADSL, and others by fiber optics. The latter is faster, but be careful, your home must be eligible for fiber optics. This technology is not available everywhere in France, especially in rural areas or so-called “non-unbundled”.

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