How to dress in the office?

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Requiring a dress code in its own right, office life is at the origin of many stylistic puzzles, between the need to preserve its credibility and irrepressible need to assert its singularity.

Between freedom of style and dress codes, the working girl evolves. Evidence in 7 lines of conduct that redefine our office outfits.

1. Cultivate an image

“No matter where you work, the way you dress makes a difference in how you are perceived. If you do not make any effort on your outfit, you may, therefore, seem lazy or neglected. Every day, whether at work or not, is a chance to shape your image as you wish it to be. Remember this and take the time to really stick to it. “

2. Clothing depends on your career, not trends

“The rules of workwear do not necessarily change from year to year, they change from one position to another. Conservative activities, such as finance or law, require a rather strict dress code. Other areas such as architecture or graphic design encourage a creative style in the workplace. To summarize the advice of our expert, you must adapt to your environment with a style in harmony with the spirit of the company.

3. Choose pieces that boost your confidence

“A lot of clothing elements create trusts, like flattering shapes or colors. These pieces have the ability to put you in a good mood and facilitate your contact. For many women, it can be a tailor, a tight blazer, a pencil skirt, or a silk blouse. I can not tell you which one is made for all women, but each can find at least one that makes her happy and confident. “

4. Remember, this is 2018

“I feel that the notion of” workwear “has expanded over the years. There is no longer a unique “professional” style. The time when the woman had to wear a uniform with a pair of tights is over. She must no longer erase her femininity in an unflattering outfit to work in a male-dominated environment. “

5. Do not show too much

“In my opinion, cropped tops, very tight tops, mini dresses or mini-skirts are generally not recommended on his workspace.” It is possible to model an insured silhouette with fitted or epaulets jackets or skirts tall.

6. Office attire needs to be adjusted

“The first thing ALL workwear should have in common is a good fit.” As Stacy London points out, your clothes must be well cut. This rigor also reflects your professionalism. One or more custom pieces will only be beneficial.

7. Integrate masculine touches into your look

“I particularly like new men’s clothing for women. This is a soft mix between the masculine and feminine silhouettes like a silk blouse coupled with loose pants and flat shoes. The woman does not have to wear high heels to feel powerful and stylish now. This means that with a fitted men’s blazer, a straight skirt and solid heels are a sublime compromise. “

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