How to Find the Perfect Hotel Room

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When you go on vacation, not only the destination needs to be right. Even the perfect hotel room makes a decisive contribution to the success of your holiday. With these five tips, you are guaranteed to find the hotel you’ve been looking for.

The right hotel will make your holiday perfect – with these five tips it works
You have decided on a holiday destination, you have already roughly rescheduled the itinerary and now the perfect hotel room is missing for your happiness. It should be central, not overuse your budget but still be away from the hustle and bustle. A bit of luxury or local charm would not be bad either. You spend hours feeding Google with search terms, browsing through hotel websites and finally becoming so unnerved that you’d rather cancel your holiday. Because the perfect hotel room does not seem to exist. Really?

The right location for the perfect hotel room

If you are planning a city trip, you should first consider how far your hotel may be at most from the center. Because long journeys with public transport to the hotspots or horrendous taxi bills spoil the holiday mood. If you are planning a combination of beach holiday and city break, you have to think in advance, whether you spend more time in the city or on the beach. So make sure you know about the location of the hotel on Google Maps!

Use search functions

Most booking portals have a filter feature that makes it easier to find the perfect hotel room. You can set a range radius or even your preferred district. But that’s not enough. The search option also allows you to search only for boutique hotels, bed and breakfast or luxury accommodations. If you value a pool or fitness center in the house, you can also feed the search engine with these parameters.

Look at the reviews

From previous holidays you probably already know that sometimes you have a three-star hotel offers more than a house of the next higher category. Therefore, before hotel booking, be sure to check what other guests have to say about their stay. Of course, one or the other bed would always have been too hard. But a general tendency, whether the perfect hotel room holds what it promises, you can definitely make out. To find the right hotel, you should not leave a few customer reviews. Really meaningful is a variety of reviews, so you get a realistic picture. After all, it has become a habit among hotel operators to leave their own ratings.

Watch for hidden costs

Imagine, you have finally found the perfect hotel room, spend a dream vacation, but at check-out you will be presented with a bill that is significantly higher than you originally expected. Therefore, make sure at the time of booking that the price shown is really inclusive of all taxes, fees and surcharges. For in many places, for example, a visitor’s tax is payable by the guest.

Become a bargain hunter

The best hotel deals you can find if you are flexible in your holiday time. Because sometimes the prices for the perfect hotel room can suddenly change overnight. So register on booking portals and subscribe to bargain blogs to stay up to date with the price development or to discover interesting alternatives to your dream destination. It can also be helpful to inquire directly with the hotels if a hotel room is available. The reason for a direct inquiry is obvious: hoteliers have to pay a commission on booking portals if they are successful. With a direct booking this will not apply, so that the savings will be passed on to you. In addition, you can express special requests or ask for restaurant tips.

By the way: You should also consider the time of your hotel booking. So you should book your hotel room best in the afternoon or in the evening, when the demand of business travelers is less.


Sure, hotel platforms on the Internet offer the lowest possible prices. Regardless, it also makes sense to inquire far away from the internet by looking around the site. Well we find Tripadvisor. Because there we find not only reviews of hotel guests, but also private uploaded pictures. In addition, we have signed up for a few newsletters in which we get offers presented. Another way to find the perfect hotel is to listen to friends and acquaintances.

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