How to find the right jewelry that will go with your outfit

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If you like fashion, it is probably important for you to match your jewelry with your different outfits. Here are some tips and advice that may be useful if you are looking for good ideas!

White pearls and black dress

This is an absolutely timeless agreement! Once you have donned your black dress, your earrings and your choker necklace in white pearls, you will have the pleasant feeling of being elegant and refined. Whatever your initial style, this outfit sublimates all women.

Choose jewelry that goes with everything

Do you know that there are jewels that go with everything? The rush – for example – will fit perfectly with a strict attire like a women’s suit while it will not break a bohemian or city style. The silver rush is even more versatile than the gold rush: that’s a good excuse to save money!

Good to know: other jewels are truly go-anywhere

The ring is not the only jewel that goes with everything: fine pendants and drops earrings or creoles, for example, are easy to associate. Better to have some in reserve in case of failure of inspiration! Opt for three sizes of creoles (small, medium and large), choose a small discreet chain and a classic pendant: these jewels will be used in all occasions. 

Taste mistakes to avoid

  • Here are some tastings that you should try to avoid:
  • Fancy jewelery on a strict outfit;
  • Chests or large short collars on V-necks or U-shaped;
  • White pearls with a fancy dress;
  • Combine several necklaces with big earrings;
  • Wear too many rings on the same hand;
  • Choose outfits and jewelry of very different colors. 

Associations that always like

The little black dress with its white pearls is not the only outfit that is popular, you can also opt for (non-exhaustive list):

  • A bohemian dress with a long necklace and earrings made of wood and feathers;
  • A bat sweater with a large bracelet watch;
  • A choker necklace with an off-the-shoulder T-shirt;
  • A long necklace or a long necklace with a short blazer;
  • Matching earrings to a necklace on a plain and plain dress. 

Some quick tips every day

If you tend to be in a hurry in the morning, the best thing to do is to opt for all-purpose jewelry during the week and to prefer the others for the weekend and the holidays, when you have the time to make fittings. You can also do tests in the evening and prepare your things for the next day. Finally, know that some women put their necklaces in their wardrobe, directly with the outfits they are associated with – a great way to make no mistake.

You do not have any more excuses: from tomorrow, you will be able to easily associate your jewels with your favorite outfits!

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