How to go dressed to a wedding according to the protocol?

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The season of weddings and communions begins. If you have not yet chosen your dress for the wedding and accessories, We want to facilitate the search so that you can go to the celebration following the protocol of the guests. To do this, we have created a guide in which we review the main rules when choosing a wedding dress as a guest.

Protocol for wedding dresses for guests

It always tends to associate the short dress with the weddings of days and the long with the weddings at night. But what does the wedding protocol say about it? In general, a cocktail dress is recommended, understood as a dress above the knees.

There are two exceptions for the length of the dress, one is that of the wedding at night and the other is in the case of godmothers, witnesses, sisters, and closest friends, who can wear long whenever the bride ask

Dresses at day weddings

Whether the wedding is in the morning or if it lasts until mid-afternoon, it is appropriate to go with a short suit with its different variations: jacket, dress below the knees, trousers, etc. In the case of the shawl and the shawl, you can opt for them when the dress is low-cut and long at the knee.

Dresses at night weddings

At night weddings you can wear both cocktail dresses and long dresses. According to the protocol, the ideal is to the consulate the couple before wearing a long dress, but nowadays it is not usually done.

What color can the guests go to a wedding?

Another aspect that you have doubts about is the color of the dress for a wedding. At a wedding day they do admit colored garments, but not any color.

As a general rule, whether it is day or night, you should avoid any color that reduces the role of the bride, so the protocol tells us that guests should not wear white.

The black color is not very suitable dress for weddings as it is a time of happiness and joy, and could be associated with black mourning. In the case of having a black dress could be accompanied with accessories in bright colors.

Can you wear neckline for a wedding?

The protocol dictates that the necklines should be discreet and the back should be covered since it is also considered cleavage in the churches. This applies mainly to the case of religious weddings, which also can not take bare shoulders.

Evening dress that admits neckline, straps, and backs discovered but once again following common sense. If it is a religious ceremony it would be necessary to take a garment with which to cover itself.

Protocol on hats and headdresses at a wedding

At weddings, during the day you can wear a hat, headdress or hat, but be careful with the comfort of it, because, according to the protocol, you should wear them throughout the wedding. The only case in which it could be removed is during the banquet.

In the case of weddings at night, things change a lot. The hats and hats have the purpose of removing the sun, and at night they are not necessary. If you want to opt for a headdress at a wedding night experts recommend opting for prudent ornaments.

Protocol on footwear at a wedding

The protocol states that shoes should not be changed during the entire wedding, being the best option in these cases to wear comfortable shoes from the beginning. The trend of recent years is going in the opposite direction, giving even the bride and groom an alternative footwear.

Regarding the shape of the footwear, the shoes should be of a medium height high heel, either closed or undercut, although flat shoes are also allowed.

How should the bags and other accessories be?

The bags and wallets the smaller and more manageable the better. A small or medium size bag is recommended, without jewels or sequins.

As for jewelry, moderate use is recommended, especially in the case of day weddings. In the case of weddings at night, more showy jewels are accepted, but always in moderation.

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