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Amazon, the single largest online retailer in the world is expanding its footprint in India. Projections indicate that India would eventually emerge as the largest market for Amazon in terms of both volume of business and profitability- though the US-based company saw its fortunes dipping over the last couple of years due to stiff competition.

That Amazon is poised for major expansion in India is very evident. There are signs everywhere that clearly indicate Amazon is serious about its presence in India. Among these indicators are that Amazon now offers three major programs in India that help you make money without selling anything.

Making Money on Amazon without Selling

I mean, you can’t make money for free from Amazon. By not selling anything, I imply you needn’t sell real stuff on Amazon to make money. Instead, you can make money on Amazon with your skills.

Here’s three major ways how to make money on Amazon without selling.

Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex pays you between Rs.120 and Rs.140 per hour. The more you work, the higher your income.

But to start earning this much, first we have to understand what Amazon Flex Program is? In simple terms, Amazon Flex is a program that allows women and men over 18 years age to deliver orders to customers. By mid-June 2019 it was available in three cities of India- Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore. The program will roll out to other cities gradually, says Amazon.

Amazon Flex operates in eight countries around the world. On June 13, 2019, Amazon officially made this program open to the public. Amazon Flex is a rather simple program that allows you to make up to Rs.33, 000 per month or more. The amount of money you earn depends upon where you live and hours you are willing to work.

Amazon Flex is a rather simple program. Anyone above age of 18 has to register online to become an Amazon Flex partner. You have to provide basic details such as name, gender, date of birth and address.

Additionally, you’ll have to provide you Permanent Account Number (PAN) and details of a savings account you hold. 

To register as Amazon Flex partner, you can visit their website and fill in necessary details. The next step is to download the Amazon Flex app.

Or you can open the link on the web browser of your smartphone to download the Amazon Flex app. Answer the few questions that appear on the registration form, which includes your basic details, PAN and bank account number in your name.

You have to own a two-wheeler such as moped, scooter or motorcycle, or at least hold a valid two-wheeler license to become member of Amazon Flex. 

Upon registering, you’ll have to wait for a week to 10 days. Because Amazon India will conduct a background check to find your eligibility to become Amazon Flex partner. 

This background check is compulsory since there’ve been countless instances where dishonest delivery crew have fled with expensive stuff bound for customers, money taken from Cash On Delivery (COD) orders and delivered fake stuff. In some cases, Amazon customers that ordered mobile phones got soap bars in their packages.

While Amazon doesn’t doubt your honesty, the company also wants to ensure that no cheater   enters the Amazon Flex program. Cheaters can harm the company’s excellent reputation and cause countless hardships for honest Amazon Flex members.

As Amazon Flex member, you’ll have to collect packages from their pick-up point in your city or town. Amazon will also provide a Point of Sale (POS) machine to enable COD customers to pay using credit cards and debit cards.

Every Amazon Flex member gets options to select working hours. The app displays ‘Blocks’ for each day, during which deliveries can be made. If nobody has bid for a Block, you can reserve it and deliver during that time.

For deliveries, you get Rs.120 to Rs.140 per hour, which is inclusive of fuel charges. However, as Amazon Flex partner, you get accidental death cover of Rs.500,000 and disability cover of Rs.500,000. Amazon doesn’t bear cost of damage to your or third party vehicles: your vehicle insurer has to cover these.

It’s worth noting that you can’t outsource your deliveries to a third person by paying some money while you keep a margin. Amazon Flex doesn’t allow you to do so. If detected, you’ll lose Amazon Flex membership and the money. Your earnings will go to your bank account every Wednesday.

Undelivered stuff, cash from COD customers and the POS terminal have to be compulsorily handed over at the pick-up point when you finish the day’s work as Amazon Flex partner.

Amazon Logistics Partner

Another superb way to make money from Amazon and become an entrepreneur is by enrolling as Amazon Logistics Partner. Under this program, you can hire a few people to deliver stuff for Amazon on your behalf. But first, you’ll need to register a small company or start-up enterprise under your name and bid for becoming an Amazon Logistics Partner.

There’s no upper limit to the amount of money you can earn as Amazon Logistics Partner. Upon becoming Amazon Logistics Partner, you’ll have to pick up goods from a regional warehouse of Amazon India. These parcels have to be sorted according to areas in your city or town. Your team of the delivery crew will complete the delivery while collecting cash or electronic payments from COD customers.

You’ll need to own or hire a small truck or other vehicle to bring parcels from the regional delivery point of Amazon. Additionally, you’ll require delivery crew that own two-wheelers to ensure packages reach customers on time.

If you reside in a large city, it’s possible to make as high as Rs.1million or even more per month as Amazon Logistics Partner. Income depends upon the infrastructure you have, 

Amazon Associate Program

Amazon Associate Program is all about affiliate marketing. Yes, affiliate marketing involves selling stuff but not directly. I mean, you don’t need a product to sell on Amazon. Nor do you need to buy anything from Amazon.

All you require is a Facebook account, website, blog or own YouTube channel. Register free for Amazon Associates program using your Amazon account or creating a new one.

Amazon Associates Program offers between two and 18 percent commissions on stuff you sell through affiliate links.

How it works? Pretty simple.

Upon registering as Amazon Associate, you’ll get a free dashboard. You can create links, banner ads and other promotional material on this Amazon Associates dashboard to post on your YouTube channel, Facebook page, blog or website. It doesn’t matter whether the blog is on a free platform such as or

However, it’s best to create and sell affiliate products that match theme of your blog. For example, if your blog or website is about movie reviews, you can sell books and videos from Amazon through affiliate marketing. If it’s about fitness, create and sell stuff related to fitness.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Small Turk was operating in India but the company discontinued it a couple of years ago. Amazon mTurk, as it’s called, would hire people on part-time basis for micro tasks such as detecting wrong or duplicate pictures of products, incorrect product description, improper pricing, proof reading and other motley tasks.

However, Amazon India occasionally offers micro tasks through Amazon mTurk. These are rare. 

There are ways to enrol for Amazon mTurk by faking an American address. But that can land you in serious trouble with law. Don’t ever attempt that.

In Conclusion

There are couple of other options such as writing and publishing through Amazon Kindle and working as part-time customer care agents through call centres in India that provide services to Amazon. Also, you can save money and earn some rewards through using coupon while you’re shopping. However, the best ways to make money from Amazon India remains Amazon Flex, Amazon Logistics and Amazon Associates. More avenues can be expected in coming years.

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