How to make up quickly every day?

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If makeup every day is a pleasure for some, it is a test for others. Lack of time, ideas or know-how?

It’s a fact: we do not necessarily have the time, the desire or the inspiration to dwell on our morning beauty.

Yet, thanks to a few key gestures and multifunctional products, you can wear make-up quick, well done, in just a few minutes. Clotilde Sourisseau, make-up artist for the fashion brand made in USA NYX Professional Makeup, is here to help us.

The base: a unified complexion

The first step of a makeup “good-looking effect” succeeded: the complexion.

We begin, without exception to the rule, by hydrating the face with a care adapted to its type of skin  (dry, oily, acne …).

Then, place the primer, “a base that serves to unify the complexion, to bring him the shine and fix the makeup,” said Clotilde Sourisseau. We opt for a foundation covering that can be applied with a brush (if one has a time) or directly to the finger, “always starting from the center of the face outward,” advises the make-up artist. Those who tend to have shiny skin can use a mattifying foundation.

To conceal the dark circles, apply a touch of concealer “with the fingertips by gently tapping the area, so that the product melts naturally.” In case of redness, dark circles (purplish or bluish) or stains, we opt for a corrective palette, “says our expert.

A hint of loose powder to fix everything, a hint of blush on the cheekbones (pink, coral or amber depending on its complexion) and voila!

Namely: there are now funds for dyes or blushes sticks, a product very convenient and quick to use for girls in a hurry.

A slightly supported look

In case we have a little time, we can tackle the triptych: eyebrows, eyelids, eyelashes.

If this is not the case, we take care of the eyebrows with a 3-in-1 product (a pencil to draw, a powder to fill and densify the eyebrow, a mascara to fix the whole). Then, we hem her eyelashes with a few strokes of black or brown mascara.

Want to add a touch of eyeshadow? We opt for a sober color (beige, golden, pink, taupe) in powder or liquid format “that can be degraded on the finger”. A faster technique that avoids having to use brushes.

A mouth delicately enhanced

For a natural makeup during the day, a  nude or slightly tinted mouth are the best options. Apply a touch of moisturizing balm, then finish with a gloss or matte lipstick for a long-lasting. 

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