How to select the right size of Shoes online?

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Selecting a pair of shoes on a site is often risky: how to choose your size online? With our concept you choose between 2 widths and once the shoe received, you can continue to adjust it to your feet!

Choose your size

The length of our shoes is standard. On the other hand we are full of resources concerning the volume of the foot thanks to our removable soles and our two widths.

So if you are used to taking a half size look for what reason: is it for length or width? Also remember that you have the ability to adjust the interior volume of the shoe with the removable soles.

Some people choose their shoes with one more size so that the foot enters in width: in this case you can return to your initial size with us taking care to select the width LARGE.

The width of your shoe

So how do you know which width to choose? You know the situations that are presented to you at each fitting of new shoes, here are some to help you: 
– Nothing to report in general: take the standard width 
– recurring Worries width: take the width greater, called “Large” 
– Strong instep: take the standard width, thanks to the removable insoles you will be able to adjust the depth to your morphology.

Adjustable footwear volume

The advantage of our solution is to continue to adapt the shoe throughout its use. So, if your needs change with the seasons, the temperature or simply during the day it’s not up to you to adapt. Also by removing or adding one of the two removable insoles supplied with your pair of shoes you can modulate the space for your feet. The possibilities are therefore greater to have a shoe perfectly adapted and comfortable.

For those who have the most technicality in the choice of the width, here is a table complicated to read which will be able to comfort you:

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