How to store your jewelry?

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Storing your jewelry becomes very quickly a nightmare when they accumulate and if there is not a minimum of organization. But do not panic, we bring you lots of good ideas to remedy this!

Little tricks: gold in the hands

We easily accumulate all our jewels, to the point of arriving to no longer find them and not to know what we have.

The base of jewelry storage

For starters, it may seem logical to you, but it is important to make categories. Separating necklaces from earrings, rings and bracelets is the ba-ba in terms of storage. Once the separation is done, each type of jewel has its own trick! In the first place, to avoid knots and entangle all your necklaces, the ideal is to hang them separately. The earrings, meanwhile, should be ideally suspended on a support, so as not to lose the pairs. Finally, rings and bracelets remain the most simple type of accessory to store. No risk of knots or losing them, a simple cup is enough to have a good visibility on our collection.

Optimize space

The fact of getting lost in one’s jewelry can also result from the fact that we lack space. For that, you have to be strategist and know how to optimize space. If, for example, you only have one drawer for your jewelry, separate it with different compartments, to see more clearly. Also, for practical storage, design, and that optimizes the space, take the height and think of the jewelry tree. LA REDOUTE currently offers metal, and its small holes are perfect for your earrings, but also to hang some necklaces. Jewelery trees are interesting when there is a lack of space since they take only a few.

Some DIY Ideas: Do It Yourself!

Although you can find small jewelry boxes with different compartments, and affordable on Amazon, you can also make more original storage yourself.

A decorative storage for your necklaces

Do you want to store your necklaces without tangling them? So this DIY is for you! The best way to see clearly in your necklaces is to suspend them. Nothing more simple for that, you just need to bring some branches of driftwood and hang them on your wall with a string attached to both ends. And it’s already over, you just have to arrange all of your necklaces on different branches. Thus, your jewelry storage will be an integral part of your decoration and the effect is guaranteed! For a more fun touch, you can even decorate your driftwood masking tape branches.

The recovery for your bracelets

If you are looking to store your wristbands, opt for recycling with a stiff roll of paper. Start by customizing it according to your desires, painting it the color of your choice. Then there are two options: you can first choose a T-bar storage, by placing your roll horizontally and attaching it to a tripod. The second option is the simplest: place your roll vertically and stick it to the base of your choice, using a strong glue. In both cases, your bracelets will be presented in order to have a global view of them.

Design frame for your earrings

Finally, have an old frame to arrange your earrings. For this last DIY super simple, you just have to keep the outline of the frame and remove the glass and the cardboard from the bottom. Replace with a flexible metal grid with small holes, which can then be secured with a stapler. And it’s over! You just have to have all your earrings in the holes and enjoy a design display and homemade! Storing your jewelry can now be a breeze! Whether it is used as decoration or to optimize the space, the jewel storage has no more secret for you!

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