How To Travel In A Limited Budget?

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This year, do not let a tight budget prevent you from quenching your thirst for discovering new cultures or fulfilling your dream of traveling the world. Here are some tips that will save you money while traveling while enjoying the most interesting international experience.

Be flexible for transportation

If you are willing to take a night flight on weekdays, your plane ticket will probably cost you less. To get around a city you want to visit, take public transportation, walk or get a bike instead of taking a taxi or renting a car.

Choose your destination

In some countries, such as Thailand or Bolivia, staying in a restaurant or eating at a restaurant costs almost nothing. Other particularly affordable options: Laos, Vietnam or Morocco.

This year, those who like to travel without breaking the bank have an interest in heading to the Caribbean. According to the US media Thrillist, going on vacation in the Caribbean is cheaper than usual this winter. Although only some Caribbean islands were hit by hurricanes in 2017, many hotels throughout the region offer great deals to attract tourists.

Find free activities

If you take the time to do your research before you leave, you will find several attractions and free events. You will be surprised to discover the many museums, markets and free festivals around the world.

It is much cheaper to explore a new country if you can work there. While it may be difficult to obtain the necessary visas and permits, this process will be easier and more economical if you go through International Experience Canada (EIC).

This government program allows young adults between the ages of 18 and 35 to obtain a work permit to travel and work in one of the 30 partner countries and territories for up to two years. This is an interesting way to finance your vacation. A work permit obtained through EIC is usually cheaper, easier to obtain and processed faster!

Eat local

Restaurants that are popular with tourists are generally more expensive, so avoid eating in the most touristy areas. Take a stroll and discover the places that the local population is particularly fond of, and visit grocery stores for snacks or food that you can enjoy without cooking.

Set your priorities

Do you want tickets for a coveted show? Do you prefer a plane seat in a higher class where you will have more space for your legs? Choose the most important factor for the success of your trip and spend a larger portion of your budget on it. All you need to do is choose less expensive options for the other elements of your stay.

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