IKEA opens first India store in Hyderabad

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When Swedish company Ikea opened its store on the first day in India, a huge crowd gathered there. The crowd was so much that it was very difficult for store employees to get it controlled.

Swedish company Ikea has started its first store in Hyderabad. With the promise of selling your belongings at a very cheap price to others, this company has started its store.

When this company opened its store on the first day, there was a long queue. It is very difficult for the store employees to control people. A stampede situation was created in the store.

The news agency ANI has tweeted a video about it. It is clearly seen how people are seen pushing each other. This led to a panic situation.

Let the Swedish company Ikea enter into India with its first store in Hyderabad. This first store of the company is spread over an area of 4 lakh square feet. There is furniture for every house in the house. Apart from this, there is also a large restaurant.

Seeing the enthusiasm of the store, the company officials are also happy. The company has said that as soon as next year, it will open its first store in Mumbai. Similarly, he will also start shopping online.

The company’s strategy is to sell the goods at very cheap prices. Ikea’s global CEO Jasper Brodin has already given this signal. He said that we are going to adopt a very strong strategy. We will sell our products at very cheap prices.

Explain that Ikea India will offer more than 7500 products in its store. Here we will sell more than a thousand products for 200 rupees and at cheaper prices. 500 products will be sold at just Rs 100 or less.

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