Is it possible to save when you have children?

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When the family grows household expenses multiply. Luckily there are different tips that can be followed to save with children, we will review the main ones.

Tips to not spend a lot of money to have a child

The cost of a baby the first year is 6,800 euros, between the cart, food, clothing … Luckily there are several tips to save on these initial expenses:

1. Buy Second-hand hand

Baby clothes do not take time to wear out, because in a short time it is too small. You can find second-hand clothes up to 70% cheaper.

2. Gifts and borrowed things

For an age issue, you probably have family and friends who have had children recently. It is a very common practice to borrow some items that you know you are going to use for a short time, as well as include them in the list of gifts for those who want to give something away.

3. Make purchases online

Compare online can be a great saving on the purchase of pharmacy products and accessories. Buy an Internet does not mean lower quality, just buy the same product at a lower cost.

4. Prepare homemade food

When the child begins to eat more variety, preparing homemade food can be a large outlay per month.

Save on the purchase of textbooks

Buying books is not like it used to be when you went to the nearest stationery store and reserved a month’s margin. Now July is a key month to buy and there are WhatsApp groups where you can share with other parents where it is cheaper to find the books. If you are at that moment, find where to buy the cheapest textbooks.

Tips to save on holidays with children

Once the children get older, there are also tips to save when choosing a destination. Choose cheap plans with children for this summer.

Aid in Spain for having children

There is a whole set of aid for families with children. Consult in this article all the available aids and the conditions to receive these benefits: Aid that you can receive in Spain for having children.

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