Learn How e-Pharmacy Is Getting Rid Of Counterfeit Drugs

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According to the World Health Organization, one in 10 drugs in India are fake. According to Assocham, 25 percent of counterfeit medicines are available in India’s domestic drug market. The counterfeit drugs business in India is about Rs 4,000 crore. These figures show that there is a great chance that we are taking counterfeit medicines. Also, the time has come that as a consumer, we are aware of this.

The pharmaceutical industry is also trying to solve this problem and the e-pharmacy has made it easier but how did they do it. An e-pharmacy Medliffe decided to spread awareness against counterfeit drugs. It also ensured that quality people could get quality medicines online. From tough rules for distributors, Medlife is tackling the problem of counterfeit drugs by taking steps like the strict investigation of the prescription.

At such times when we know that there are many chemists in the same area but we do not know where the medicines come from in our local medical stores. Recently, more than 90,000 counterfeit drugs were seized in the crime branch raid in Delhi. Although the e-pharmacy ensures that the drugs he is selling are completely real and reliable.

There are many medicines which are affected by things like light, temperature and they need to be transported safely. Therefore, the pharmacy needs to pay attention to the delivery process. The process of 5 steps of MedLife ensures that medicines like insulin are refrigerated properly.

Faith plays an important role in buying a drug. While information about counterfeit drugs can put us in trouble, the e-pharmacy ensures that their transaction is dependent on trust. Medalife’s Step Vice Process and many times the process of checking the prescription shows that the drug is completely safe and real.

MedLife specialist checks the prescription with the help of doctors and qualified pharmacist team to ensure the safety of consumers. These are some of the ways by which companies like MedLife are safe and reliable compared to local medical stores. The e-pharmacy also follows a process during the transformation of medicines. At this time when many people are going through the use of counterfeit drugs, this process ensures that the medicines we are consuming are completely safe.

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