MilesWeb Shared Hosting vs GoDaddy Shared Hosting – Which Is Better?

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From our childhood days, we have been taught that sharing is caring, that’s why we indulge it in our life very well. We grew up knowing this and now, whenever someone asks us to share anything, we possibly end up saying yes. In hosting also, we have shared hosting that allows us to share the server space so as to fulfill the hosting needs. This article will educate you about the differences between shared hosting from MilesWeb and GoDaddy. I have selected these two web host providers because they are ruling the market right now.

What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting is a type of web hosting where your website shares the server space and resources with different other websites. That means multiple websites are hosted on the same server that is connected to the internet, in the shared hosting service. The resources like CPU memory, disk space, bandwidth, etc. get shared among all the websites that are hosted on the same server.

Shared hosting is the cheapest and most economical hosting option available. If your website is a basic one, that doesn’t get more volume of traffic on daily basis, or if the website doesn’t work for any kind of transaction usage then shared hosting is an answer for your hosting needs. This is because due to the multiple websites hosted on a single server, the security aspect takes a back seat in this kind of hosting. Your website can easily be hacked and it is prone to the external viruses. Also, if you think your website is violating these two conditions means your site has started getting more traffic and you think that you should include the online transactions through your website, then you can always upgrade your hosting service to VPS or dedicated hosting.

Benefits of shared hosting :

Apart from been a cheap hosting option, shared hosting comes with other benefits such as –

1) Shared hosting is easily accessible –

This kind of hosting is offered by almost all the web hosting providers because of its easy usage. Anyone can open an account by paying a low cost to the vendors and begin the setting up of a site.

2) Share hosting can be easily scaled –

Shared hosting is the best solution for the new sites and the small sites that don’t have much traffic. This is beacuse these can remain within the limits that are established for the usages of resources. It also, allows the shared hosting users to stretch the resources up-to certain limit. Once, the site limit is reached for the month that means the site has used its share of allotted disk space or the traffic of users gets increased, then you may need to upgrade it to different shared hosting.

3) Shared hosting doesn’t require any coding skills –

You don’t need to hire any designer to create and develop your website hosted in the shared hosting environment. Most of the shared hosting comes up with the easy site builder that allows you to create a professional website simply by selecting the themes. All you have to do is drag and drop the images and content in the templates of your choice, so as to create a website that you desire.

Let’s see the shared hosting offers by MilesWeb and GoDaddy.

1) India’s best shared hosting plans – MilesWeb

MilesWeb believes that all the websites hosted by them deserve the best and most secure web hosting, that’s why they offer pocket-friendly yet feature-rich shared hosting for you.

With the shared hosting plan, MilesWeb offers you everything that you need to start a website. Some of the key features of its shared hosting plan are:

(1) Free SSL certificate –

In order to secure the communication between your visitor and browser, every hosting plan incorporates SSL certificate with it. The SSL certificate also boosts your search ranking position.

(2) Free Site Builder –

If you are not a professional web developer but still wants to create your own website, then site builder helps you to do so. A simple drag and drop tool enables you to build a website that you always desire.

(3) Pure SSD storage –

The SSD storage uses less energy and works faster than traditional storage. This makes the browsing of page faster which ultimately decreases the loading time.

(4) cPanel control panel –

cPanel helps you to manage your files, emails, databases, domains and lot many things.

(5) 1 -click installer –

This tool allows installing over 400 applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, phpBB, PRESTASHOP, Oxwall, MyBB, etc in just a single click.

(6) Latest PHP and MySQL –

You get the latest version of PHP and MySQL with all of the shared hosting plans.

(7) Website Migration –

The MilesWeb team will easily migrate your data from the current provider to MilesWeb server as per your convenience.

(8) Easy upgrade –

Do you think traffic to your website is increasing?
Then, upgrade the hosting in just a few steps.

(9) Datacenter choice –

Picking the right data centre is an important step while choosing a hosting provider. That’s why MilesWeb gives you the choice of data centre location in India, UK, and USA.

India’s best Windows hosting – MilesWeb

Windows hosting is a perfect choice for users those are seeking to integrate Microsoft applications such as ASP, .NET, Frontpage, Visual Basic, MS Access or MS SQL Databases within their website. MilesWeb offers their web hosting services in various countries. One of there service is reseller hosting Singapore that delivers quality service to their clients.

With the Value and Unlimited hosting plans you get a free .com or .in domain name for lifetime.

GoDaddy shared hosting –

To host a single website the price starts at $ 2.49/mo.

Thus, from above plans offered by both companies, you can see that the MilesWeb has a starting plan at just ₹ 60/month whereas, GoDaddy costs you $ 2.49/month (₹177.92/month) which is more than double compared to MilesWeb.

Features offered by GoDaddy –

(1) 1-click install –

You can install 125 free applications with GoDaddy. And, as seen above, MilesWeb allows you to install 400 plus applications.

(2) 1-click setup for GoDaddy registered domain.

(3) Flexible and easy to use control panel.

From the comparison you can see, MilesWeb offers you more features at low cost as that of the GoDaddy.

Conclusion –

MilesWeb being a hosting provider offers you all the products at very economical rates. Whereas, GoDaddy asks you for almost double the cost and still offers fewer features.

The uptime by MilesWeb is 99.95%, whereas GoDaddy gives you 99.9% uptime. Additionally, MilesWeb gives you 24/7/365 days of tech support and 30-day money back guarantee. Godaddy doesn’t have the money back guarantee policy, that’s why their unsatisfied customers are increasing.

So, MilesWeb will always be the wise choice to select shared hosting.

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