Mobile Phone stands in your car. What advantages does it have?

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Life today goes hand in hand with technology. While our smartphone may be the best ally, it can sometimes be counterproductive. And we talk about those kinds of occasions when it is almost impossible to use the mobile phone while driving, for example. Answer a call and stop, answer a message and stop again, that would be the logical action, but the vast majority of people do not. And if you are a really active user, it is impossible to maneuver with the steering wheel and the smartphone.

To the relief of many, there are options offered by manufacturers, in order to simplify our smartphone-car experience. Phone stands, which can be installed in the car and allow the driver to use the hands-free phone, as well as, give way to fluid interactivity without losing attention to the front, which really is what matters.

Why put a cell phone holder on the car dashboard?

To this question, several answers are born, but one of the main ones is:

Avoid distractions along the way

That’s right, the blessed distractions. Those that cause so many car accidents. In fact, a study carried out by the National Road Safety Administration indicates that one of the main causes of accidents is the action of talking on the cell phone. The supports help to avoid the potential distractions that lead to these accidents, placing the cell phone in a place where the driver can easily see it. Or people who want to avoid rummaging inside a pocket or purse each time the cell phone rings should consider installing the stand.

Where do I get them?

The stands are for sale on many online stores, even in the streets. Here at Flipkart can buy them.

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