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Six years have passed since the first film.

One day, the wheel of the arcade Sugar Rush (that of Vanellope) is broken by a teenager. The price is too expensive for the owner of the arcade, Wreck-it Ralph and Vanellope decide to venture into the wonderful world of the Internet and try to buy a new control on eBay for the arcade of Vanellope. Will they succeed before the owner of the arcade decides to get rid of his machine?

Technical sheet

  • title
    • original: Ralph Breaks the Internet
    • English: Ralph 2.0: Conquering the Web
    • Québécois: Ralph breaks the Internet
  • Directed by: Rich Moore, Phil Johnston
  • Scenario by: Rich Moore, Phil Johnston, Jim Reardon, Pamela Ribon, Josie Trinidad
  • Actors: John C. Reilly, Silverman Sarah, Jack McBrayer, Jane Lynch, Gadot Gal, Taraji P. Henson, Alfred Molina, Bill Hader, Alan Tudyk, Ed O’Neill
  • Distributor: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
  • Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
  • Duration: 112 min
  • General classification
  • Country of origin: United States
  • Language: English

Those who loved the first Wreck-it Ralph movie will no doubt be very happy to see their favorite characters like Ralph and Vanellope in Ralph Breaks the Internet. For my part, I find that the first film was a little too overestimated. The film was ok, but not exceptional. Is Ralph Breaks the Internet better or worse?

I think he’s on the same level. The first recipe has been reapplied with new flavors and colors.

The internet is replacing video games

I think what really charmed people with the first movie is the cameo of all the video game characters. In this second part, these are set aside to profile the world of the Internet. The representation of this universe is very interesting. Nevertheless, it is quickly realized that this film becomes a big advertisement for all the giants of the Internet like Google, Twitter, eBay, Amazon, and many others, without forgetting Disney. The avatars on the Internet are reminiscent of Funko Pop, these figurines with big square heads.

Even if the universe of Disney (with all its franchises) is taken deep in the throat of the spectator, it is obviously one of the best moments of the film with the princesses of Disney, characters of Marvel and Star Wars. Ralph Breaks the Internet seems to be a business card to show all that Disney has.

A beautiful representation of the Internet

Since Ralph and Vanellope do not know this new universe that is the Internet, it gives some good scenes with pop-ups and ad blockers. It’s a pity that these are not applied to the film that is full and overflowing with ads.

Although this is a beautiful representation, the film also shows the bad sides of the Internet with what is “trending” on social networks and of course, malicious comments. Even the Dark Web has its place in the film, but it is a light and childish version of this dark and little-known universe.

A story with good and bad ideas

As such, the story is not bad or excellent. Several good ideas are in the movie Ralph Breaks the Internet, but at the same time, the story stretches to make way for the Internet. In my opinion, the film should have focused more on the ” Breaks the Internet  ” portion since it is short in duration (on a film that lasts nearly 2 hours).

One aspect of the movie I did not really like was everything about the buzz of YouTube videos (called here BuzzTube). Although it is part of the excellent representation of the Internet, these are things I like less (this mode of wanting to be popular by making silly things to have Like). The script exploits the buzz well to advance the story, but is it necessary ?.

The target audience?

Who says an animated film, says a children’s movie? In Ralph Breaks the Internet, I wonder who really is the target audience. Why? Much of the film is in the Slaughter Race game. Already the title is not very childish and the universe is rather dark and dull compared to the rest of the film. There is also a moment when one of the characters sings. The lyrics and the visual of the song are addressed to the public a little older [teenager and older]. At least, what’s fun about this scene is a recurring joke about having to make a song in a Disney movie. It’s a nice wink.

What about animation?

Having seen the first movie recently, I could see how the animation was improved between the two films. This one is much more licked, rounder and more fluid. It’s a sweet treat for the eyes!

Ralph Breaks the Internet

At the same time trying to ignore advertising, I find the story overflows and abuses advertising content that goes from decors to avatars. For almost two hours, I had the impression to see a big infomercial for major brands and especially for Disney. It brings good times and good ideas as I mentioned earlier. But at the same time, it dilutes the story of Ralph Breaks the Internet. This film is interesting to see, even if it is not wonderful nor fantastic as history. It remains an entertainment.

For your information, stay until the very end of the credits. The film contains two hidden scenes. The second made me say that I did not move for anything. This is probably in my favorite scenes of the credits, all films combined.

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