Overnight at the Airport – What to Do? The 7 Best Tips

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There are things that are not among the best experiences during a flight. A night at the airport is certainly one of them. The reasons that require it are very different. Often the arrival in the evening and the onward flight in the morning. Sometimes the connecting flight was missed due to a delay. But the night does not have to be that bad, because some airports offer a lot of comfort. In addition, there are many good tips that make sleeping at the airport bearable and restful. Preparation and a suitable attitude are always the nuts and bolts.

Tip # 1: Good preparation

Of course, you can not take a bed with you, but with a comfortable mattress, a soft sleeping bag and a small pillow, you have important travel equipment with you. With this cozy buffer, the floor at the airport is not so hard and cold anymore. If you have problems with light and ambient noise, an opaque sleep mask and earplugs are extremely useful, because even at night the light on the airports is pretty loud and the loudspeaker announcements loud.

Tip # 2: Timely search for sleeping space

If you have ever spent a night at the airport, you will know that you are not the only one looking for a suitable place to spend the night. Especially in the summer months during the peak season, but also around Christmas and Easter or other popular travel times, the suitable sleeping places are in short supply. Search in time for a cozy and quiet place to sleep. If you are one of those lucky people who can sleep soundly, always and everywhere, you should bring a travel alarm so you do not miss the plane the next morning. The cell phones take over this task as well.

Tip #3: Sleeping cabins at some airports

At some airports such as Munich and in major cities of other countries, there are sleeping cabins for sale , which are also known under the names Snooze Cube or Sleepbox . This relatively new invention is now enjoying increasing popularity. The lockable sleeping boxes are usually located directly behind the security checkpoint. Depending on the airport, the cost per hour is 10 to 25 euros. They can also be booked for the entire night. Anyway, they make sleeping at the airport a little more bearable.

Tip #4: Airport lounges

Once airport lounges could only be used by first-class and business customers. But with the advent of frequent flyers, the airlines opened their elegant living rooms to travelers without VIP or business status – so-called pay-in lounges. For an affordable balance between 20 Euro and 50 Euro, you not only get a cheaper overnight stay at the airport than in an airport hotel, but also get something to eat and drink.

Tip #5: Take provisions

Many shops and restaurants are closed at night at numerous airports. Therefore, you should take something to eat, at least for the small hunger, because with a growling stomach it sleeps nowhere well. It is very important, above all, to have enough drinks with you. Inquire in advance how it looks with the offers at the respective airport.

Tip #6: Warm and comfortable clothes

At the airports it is often quite cold because of the air conditioning. So that you do not lie awake half the night from cold, you should not only wear comfortable, but also warm clothes. For overnight stays at the airport, the onion principle has worked well: you wear some clothes on top of each other, which you can put on or take off as needed. With a blanket you will feel even better.

Tip #7: Entertainment as a pastime

Equipped with a book, e-book, laptop or music player, night owls or sleepless people can pass the time at the airport. With the appropriate distraction, it passes much faster. In the waiting rooms are usually numerous sockets and often also free Wi-Fi available.

Our conclusion for sleeping at the airport

Whether voluntary or forced, there are various situations such as a long stopover or a delayed flight, where a night at the airport can not be avoided. This may sound like a nightmare at first, but with a little preparation and the right attitude to make the most of the situation, it does not have to be that way. The mentioned tips for sleeping at the airport will hopefully help you with this. Just try to recharge your batteries with a nap and a snack. With a book or your favorite music, you can pass the time if you just can not or do not want to sleep. In the best case you have the time after the night in the plane to recover something.

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