Retail sales: 10 trends and forecasts for 2018

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Social networks, multichannel sales, corporate transparency, “Millenials” takeover … The coming year should be rich in new trends in the retail world. Discover our 10 forecasts for 2016!

Shopping more social than ever

This is a trend that will be confirmed: on social networks, word-of-mouth will be an increasingly important success factor for brands. Instead of waiting for someone to talk about your store, encourage interaction through your social networking accounts! Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are the favorite levers of brands that want to engage in conversation with their customers and get them talking.

Millenials in power

The “Millennials” is the nickname of the generation born between 1980 and 1995, that being adult means staying in the 3 th millennium. Today, aged between 20 and 35, they have considerable purchasing power, while adopting disruptive consumer practices: rather than buying a product for its simple function, they also want to be seduced by experience or story that reflects their values ​​and their personality.

The mobile phone more and more important

In France, in 2015, only 28% of e-commerce orders were placed on a mobile phone. Although this figure is growing, it is still much less than among our European neighbors, which augurs a strong increase for 2016.

Real-time inventories

Thanks to cheaper connected sensors and powerful analysis tools, real-time inventories are now available. They are also acclaimed by the stores that have deployed them. In addition to informing the customer about the status of stocks, they help optimize supply flows and reduce the volume of reserves.

A harmonized online and point-of-sale experience

87% of customers get information on merchant sites before buying in their usual outlets. Stores that play on both tables will strengthen their multichannel presence, offering the same experience (same atmosphere, same price, same service, etc.) to the customer, whether it is on the internet or at a point of sale.

Remarketing, easier than ever

Targeting advertising on customers who have already shown interest in your brand, remarketing is now within everyone’s reach. On the internet, among other things, a new module of Google Adwords offers: if a user has recently visited your online store, you can ask that he sees your advertising on other sites.

Corporate culture integrated with marketing

Increasingly, brands have understood the value of communicating by revealing behind the scenes of their activity. In addition to creating a close relationship and humanizing the message, the process helps to mobilize your employees in a positive way.

Targeted flash sales through social networks

Geolocation and social networks allow unprecedented interactions with your customers. Brands will benefit by deploying more and more real-time flash sales, announced a few hours ago on their social accounts, creating the event and driving point-of-sale traffic. But be careful not to abuse it, so as not to tire the customers …

Connected sellers at the point of sale

Connected sellers use new technologies (tablets, big data) to learn about the customer’s history and accompany their experience of payment advice. Popularized by Apple, the practice should gain ground in France in 2016.

In-store delivery receipt, must-have

More secure than home delivery, point of sale delivery will continue to spread in 2016. For a store, being part of the list of relay points allows, again, to generate transit in its point of sale.

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