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We all want to look great, without spending a lot of money on it. Fortunately, you can save on your wellness, your fitness plan and – last but not least – your clothes in many ways. Pimping your clothes, making them yourself or ‘upcycling’? The choice is yours!

Buy well (buy)

You can also score clothes for good prices outside the sales department. Take a look at our discount codes and our online shopping promotions for big shops and trendy fashion brands such as Amazon, Ajio, Myntra, Flipkart & Biba.

In order to avoid buying too many unnecessary things during shopping, it is also advisable to make a list in advance. Invest better in ten qualitative pieces than twenty garments that survive less than a year.

Pimp your clothes

Is your pants, skirt or sweater (almost) to be replaced? Give your clothes a second life by pimping them with fun patches and tough ironing applications.

Also fun: turn that boring T-shirt into a sexy item by painting eyelashes or sewing a homemade collar on it. Not so handy? Everyone can do this! On YouTube you will find a lot of tutorials, for example, to sew that hole in your favorite jeans.

Are you now adept at having your clothes entertained? Then you may be able to switch to creating your own clothing! After the revival of the knitting and crochet clubs, the sewing clubs are ready for a boost. Google your city once in combination with the word ‘sewing club’ or ‘sewing’. Betting that you will have multiple hits?

Those who do not have the time or the inclination to join a sewing club can always call on online tutorials such as these to make cozy pajama pants in 30 minutes. The ideal pastime on a rainy day …

Upcycle clothes’

If your old clothes are really nothing more to catch, you can always “upcycle” your broken garments to something else. For example, Brittany made pajama pants and a scarf from an old blanket, but you can also make a short or a bag from an old pair of pants.

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