Shopping online or in the supermarket: what is the most profitable?

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Shop at the supermarket or order online, which mode of consumption to favor? Even if they are different, the benefits are present on both sides. Review and compare these two methods.

Zero effort VS constraints

When you do your own shopping, you have to pick up your vehicle, make the journey, find a place, slalom on the shelves to find all the products carefully listed on your list, wait for the checkout, transport provisions, etc. In this respect, the good old-fashioned way of shopping seems obsolete and a little restrictive.

Unless you enjoy doing your own shopping, buying online is a way to consume with much less effort and stress. You order from your sofa and your shopping is delivered directly to you!

The control of your budget

When you do your shopping on the Internet, you scrupulously observe the number of your purchases increase gradually. You have a direct view on your items in the virtual cart and the amount of your order. You can, therefore, more easily respect and control your budget if you have set a food envelope.

On the other hand, it is more difficult to track the number of your purchases, when you are in the middle of a supermarket and equipped with a calculator. In addition, passing through the different departments, you will be tempted by other products that you did not necessarily have on your list.


The question of time is essential for the choice of his races. Many consumers are tempted by online shopping for this benefit. The reason? We can devote this time to something else!

However, it is not necessary to generalize too quickly … In fact, according to the geographic zone on which you depend, you will not be served in the same way by the deliveries proposed online.

It is important to note that depending on where you live, you can sometimes wait up to 24 hours to get your shopping. This is especially true for areas in rural areas.

The rates

From a pure tariff and therefore economic point of view, online shopping is generally higher than if you shop in a physical store. Why are online costs more expensive? Simply for a material organization. Indeed, the ordered products must be stored in a warehouse, without forgetting the cost of the staff mobilized for the preparation of the orders, to which you add the expenses of delivery. Finally, to equal products, shopping online can be 15 to 20% more expensive. There are lots of Offers App which provide coupon code so you can get the extra benefit on product purchase.

Good to know: evolutionary delivery rates

Delivery costs are decreasing, the amount of the order is high and the price drops.

Service and quality

The probability of forgetting or error is more present when you shop online. The product delivered does not correspond to the chosen one. This scenario is less likely when you choose for yourself, you know what you want.

Regarding, your shopping in a store, you can compare the products, their quality, freshness. You are the master of your selection, especially for fruits and vegetables. On the Internet, you visualize a technical sheet, not always representative of the final quality obtained.

Do you like both methods because they each bring you benefits? You can combine these alternatives! Why not buy your vegetables at the market and order the rest of your products online? So, convinced?

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