TAGG PowerBass 700 Review: Battery Good, Audio Quality Average

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TAGG recently launched a wireless over-ear before the TAGG PowerBass 700. This is a budget headphone, which the company specifically launched for the original base. We have used it for a long time and now we are going to tell you the review. Read our review here and know what exactly is the company’s claim. Currently, it can be bought at Amazon for Rs 2,699.

Specifications, design and build quality:

The first thing you notice when you get out of the box is the overlay look, which is quite premium in appearance. You will be impressed by its look and quality at a glance. Its body is made of plastic and in the head and left side headset, the use of a soft leather coating with a cotton pad is done. It is better to use it for a long time. At the same time where many other cheap headphones do not give the best grip on wearing. The situation is not with this headphone.

For flexibility and edition concert, it will get 90 degrees rotation. Also you can find the option to set headband here. All control buttons are given on the left headset. There is built-in mic, micro USB charging port, 3.5mm oaks port, LED indicator, power on / off button, base extension button and volume control. Overall its build quality is good according to the price and the weight is also light and it is also very easy to carry in the bag, etc. Because it is foldable. Also it can be used in both wire and wireless modes. In this case, Learn about the battery but the wire can be used.

Talk about the rest of this wireless headphone, its battery is 500mAh. The company claims that it can be heard continuously for 14 hours. For connectivity, this has been included in Bluetooth version 4.0, which is outdated, at least it could be given 4.2. However its connectivity range is 20ft. In this, Qualcomm’s CSR8635 chipset has been used. It would have been better and aptx would be given for HD sound quality.


First of all talk about audio quality, we have used it with many genres like Classical, Psychedelic Rock, Jazz, Rock, Dubstep, EDM, BDM, Metal, Trans and Folk. We found that in many genres, everything is better except for the base ie the low notes. Mid and Vocals are clear in many genres, but there are problems in low notes and high notes. If you talk about an average then you do not even get the design bass and the sharp mid-ages after boosting the base. Total Charity and Crisp are missing in this headphone. I’d like to highlight you that the punch of the base could have been better, if its high notes were tuning better. This headphone is soaring high notes of any song that sometimes you will not even hear a song. In this way, I just took overall music quality average and the base is not good at all, and remember I wrote this above that aptX should have been given.

Talk about the microphone, it is quite a week and if there was a knees cancellation in it, it could have been a better package. Talk about the battery, it’s great. You can use it for around 12 hours in a single charge. Talking about connectivity, you will not have any problem with it.


If you are an audio lover then do not buy it from my understanding of headphones. There are some wireless in-ear headphones in Neckband Pattern in the market, which can buy for base and audio. If you want, you can try the X60 of SoundWatch in this budget. TAGG has the problem of PowerBass 700 that high notes in it are highly booted and the punch of the base is completely mescious. Although these are champions in the battery and build quality.

Rating- 4.5 / 10

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