The best tips to attract more gourmands and grow your business

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We like to think we know about marketing for restaurants. With our expertise, we have helped fantastic restaurants create great and effective marketing campaigns.

However, as you know, success does not come alone. You have to work hard and invest a lot of time, but also be able to make the right decisions. Many companies still do not use the most obvious promotional techniques. That said, in the digital era of social networking, online booking, and consumer opinion sites, there is no doubt that life is more complicated than it used to be. That’s why we decided to share some of our favorite pro tips, which build on our in-depth knowledge of this specialized and demanding sector, to ensure more customers visit your institution.

Give your customers a VIP service

Many customers say they have full confidence, or at least some confidence, in the recommendations of their family, colleagues, and friends about products they buy. The customer experience is one of the most important factors in determining whether your restaurant is thriving or losing ground to your competitors. After all, if the meal you had consumed was delicious and the customer service was excellent, you might be talking to someone else. This person could, in turn, talk to his family and friends. Word of mouth goes very fast, especially at the local level. And since the customer experience is becoming the best way to differentiate yourself from others, many businesses are already striving to provide exceptional service.

Stand out on the internet

The more unique your brand is, the more you will leave a lasting impression. The use of digital channels is a good way to reach your audience. By telling your story and sharing information about yourself and your institution, you can really stand out from your competition. Even if you are part of a chain, this ensures that your branch is different from others, while remaining true to the brand. The more unique and interesting your restaurant is, the more customers will remember you. They will, therefore, be more likely to return to your institution rather than elsewhere. Use your website and social networks as a megaphone. You will have an online platform where you can express yourself and tell your story.

Create a range of signature dishes

New restaurants open every year, and even every day in some cities. It is therefore increasingly difficult to distinguish oneself from other establishments that offer a similar service. Marketing efforts alone are not enough. You must be creative and prepared to try new things. It is very useful to have a range of signature dishes as soon as possible to serve dishes that are consistent with very good quality and will generate a reasonable profit. You can then bring marketing into the game. By promoting especially your “signature” dishes on your menus, social networks, and press releases, you can create a strong link between the brand of your restaurant and these dishes, whatever ‘they are.

Develop your brand

Whether you identify your restaurant as family or hipster, your website and social networks will help you strengthen your image and influence how your customers perceive your business. For example, if your website is clear and uncluttered with high-quality photos, it is likely that your brand image looks professional and elegant. If you use more colors and filters on your food and staff photos and post often on social media, it’s likely your business looks more social and focused on current trends. For great results, consider using a trusted web developer or graphic designer, someone who can truly understand the concept of your brand and convey the message you want.

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